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What does it take to be a Writer? Browse our latest jobs for Writers from top media and creative employers. Learn more about the requirements and responsibilities of a Writing job.

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What does a Writer do?

While there are many different types of Writers, in a general sense, Writers develop written content for media outlets, websites, publishers, academia, and more. Similarly, there are nonfiction, fiction, and biography writers.


What are the responsibilities of a Writer?

The typical day-to-day responsibilities of a Writer includes:

  • Choosing subjects that are interesting to readers
  • Conducting research to get detail that enhances writing
  • Writing copy for magazines, media outlets, and companies
  • Working on multiple drafts with editors


What are the requirements to be a Writer?

Writers typically need a bachelor’s degree in English or a similar field, like Communications or Journalism. Employers usually look for strong writing and editing skills, along with candidates who are flexible, determined, and creative. Anyone with Internet access can gain become a Writer, as blogs and online publications are both great outlets for one to get their foot in the door. Depending on the type of writing job, they usually gain experience while on the job.