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Janice Min Lands at THR; Turnover at NY Newspapers

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Gabe Sherman Feted by Liberal Group - Posted February 21, 2014
[caption id="attachment_123208" align="alignright" width="304"] Party people: PFAW and friends let loose.[/caption] People for the American Way (PFAW) hosted a little office-building soiree for Gabe Sherman's book, The Loudest Vo... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted July 9, 2013
Anonymous Rant: "When will you note the obvious: that there is nothing remotely new or surprising in 'This Town?' Everything is exactly as it appears, ... [FishbowlDC]

Nancy Pelosi Helps TNR Celebrate New Digs - Posted April 27, 2013
Three weeks after moving into 529 9th St. in Chinatown, The New Republic officially celebrated its new office space on Friday. "The convenience of the location played a big part," Chief Operating Officer Sloan Eddleston t... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted January 18, 2013
Quotes of the Day - the Oprah-Lance Armstrong edition. From the Dept. of Bragiculture... "WE BEA... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted January 8, 2013
Quotes of the Day Startling Monday headline "Woman killed by Orange Line train" -- story by the Washington Examiner's transportation reporter Kytja Weir. Read ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted November 1, 2012
Quotes of the Day DISTURBING: "Holloween 2012 -- I'm a tiger in bed," -- HBO's Bill Maher. We have to say, former Rep. David Wu (D-OutofHisMind) plays a better tiger. ... [FishbowlDC]

Two Bros Out in the Storm - Posted October 30, 2012
When The Guardian's and Salon's Jim Newell and obvious daredevil Dylan Byers of Politico contemplated venturing out last night on Cap... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted October 23, 2012
Quotes of the Day "Any jackass can talk about bombing Iran." -- MSNBC's Chris Matthews, post debate late night. "I think we all love teachers." -- CBS "Face the Nation" host and presidential debate mo... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted October 1, 2012
QUOTES of the DAY Ingraham handles "stupid b-i-t-c-h" remark When a follower asked conservative radio host Laura Ingraham over the weekend, "Are you not a stupid biatch," she replied, "Very confused--thought it ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted September 28, 2012
Quotes of the Day Journo hangs loose "I am now going to eat a comfort Toblerone and unbutton my pants on the couch. Or, as I call it, 'debate prep.'" -- Mother Jones Engagement Editor and security reporter Ad... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted September 18, 2012
QUOTES of the DAY "I dunno how politicians wake up each morning and forget every phone everywhere is a multimedia recording device, but thank god they do." -- BuzzFeed Washington Bureau Chief John Stant... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted September 14, 2012
Quotes of the Day CRAPPY CAR SIGHTING: "Sen. Richard Burr's (R-N.C.) car is a sight to behold (it's called 'The Thing')" -- WaPo's Aaron Blake. The senator explained, "It'll take more than a fir... [FishbowlDC]

BuzzFeed Turns Into Political Animals - Posted September 5, 2012
One of the most anticipated parties of the convention week was the Buzzfeed party that took place on Tuesday evening at Discovery Place in Charlotte. The party, called "Political Animals" promised to the wildest party in Charlotte. I knew it was a different kind of party when one of the first guest... [FishbowlDC]

Fishbowl Charlotte - Posted September 5, 2012
On Tuesday, the Democratic National Convention kicked of in Charlotte, NC, which means reporters had to start doing real work instead of glomming onto swag bags and watery cocktails. I decided to dive right into the filthy waters of Fishbowl Charlotte to get a taste of the local scene. (Spoiler alert:... [FishbowlDC]

Rebecca's Ready to Get Ripped - Posted September 4, 2012
Ripped Rebecca, a.k.a. Rebecca Schoenkopf, Editor and Pub... [PRNewser]

Morning Chatter - Posted August 29, 2012
Quotes of the Day "The AIR CONDITIONED porta-potty at the CNN Grill #rnc2012" -- BuzzFeed's John Stanton. Really, double sinks? ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted August 9, 2012
Quotes of the Day -- the media beat edition "Life is too short to fake an orgasm." -- Current TV and The View's Joy Behar in response to being asked for her favorite life saying on Tuesday's ed... [FishbowlDC]

FishbowlDC Interview With Ex-Gawker Jim Newell - Posted June 22, 2012
Say hello to Wonkette, Salon and The Guardian Contributor ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted June 21, 2012
Quotes of the Day Rachel-Rachel: "Rachel Maddow was a guest on Rachel Maddow tonight. Err, I mean Rachel Maddow was a guest on Up with Chris Hayes tonight. Errr, wait, it's Wednesday. Chris Hayes was a guest on Maddow tonight. I think I got it righ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted June 18, 2012
Quotes of the Day Father's Day Treats: "Cleaning the pot after making rice krispy treats." -- Mr. Norah O'Donnell (i.e. Chef Geoff, husband to CBS Chief White House... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted June 1, 2012
Quotes of the Day If you want a friend in Washington...Meet Kendall, CNN and RedState's Erick Erickson's ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted March 27, 2012
Quotes of the Day Would You Eat This Crap? "Just had a plate full of CRAZY food for dinner here in Seoul... actually a couple of plates full. It was a buffet. :)" -- NBC Washington cameraman ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted March 13, 2012
Quotes of the Day Journo finds horse shit in WaPo "Jim Newell, this could win a 'reverse Pulitzer' for shittiest article of 2012." -- The Guardian's ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted January 5, 2012
Quotes of the Day From the Road "Hurriedly shove things in bags, go to next location, discover what fell out of the bags. Repeat. #travel" -- Slate's Dave Weigel. "The crowd at t... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted December 22, 2011
INCONSIDERATE CELL PHONE MAN: Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner (R-Wis.) and his big buttocks captured in the Delta Crown lounge at Reagan National Airport Wednesday afternoon. The congressman chats away on his cell phone, talking about first lady Michelle Obama's "... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Chatter - Posted December 5, 2011
Quotes of the Day Coffee shop dwellers behaving badly "Women at Dupont @Starbucks actually told me they needed the 2nd table at a packed shop for their books. Really." -- Metro Weekly's White House Correspondent ... [FishbowlDC]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted November 10, 2011
Quotes of the Day CNBC's Eamon Javers gets swallowed by Kermit the Frog background:"Rehearsing for tonight's #cnbcdebate in front of the biggest dang green screen I've ever seen." Editor g... [PRNewser]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted October 20, 2011
Quotes of the Day Journo becomes cast expert "I have it on good authority that casts for broken wrists now come in a bewilderingly vast array of colors." -- AFP's Olivier Knox... [FishbowlDC]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted September 28, 2011
Quotes of the Day A Brilliant Suggestion "With Andy Rooney retiring, only viable option for 60 Minutes is to bring in @markknoller for that role." -- Reuters White House Correspondent Steve Holland referencing CBS White House radio correspondent Mark Knoller. Read... [FishbowlDC]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted September 21, 2011
Quotes of the Day Schieffer's crush on Paltrow intensifies CBS "Face the Nation" Host Bob Schieffer completes Politico's "Answer This" interview in... [FishbowlDC]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted June 27, 2011
QUOTES of the DAY The Daily Caller's Mary Katharine Ham: "4th of July nails. My toes are red." Thanksing the Press "He will thanks ... [FishbowlDC]

Good Morning FishbowlDC Readers - Posted May 16, 2011
QUOTES of the DAY Photograph by Film/TV Producer Tammy Garnes in Atlanta on Sunday at Spelman College graduation. The commencement speaker was first lady Michelle Obama. Ro... [FishbowlDC]

Time-People Party a Blend of Pomp, Cynicism and Booze - Posted May 4, 2011
The fallout from WHCD continues. The TIME-People party on Friday night at the St. Regis was jammed with members of the media with nearly all networks and publications represented. We spotted CNN's Wolf Blitzer by the bar, NBC's Norah O'Donnell by the couches, FNC's ... [FishbowlDC]

Well, That Was Fast: Wonkette Posts A Couple Openings - Posted May 26, 2010
We told you earlier today that there could be some openings at Wonkette now that Jim Newell is leaving for Gawker. That turned out to be true, but not in the way we'd expected. In a blog post called "Want To Write For Wonkette? Okay Then READ CAREFULLY" current editor ... [MediaJobsDaily]

'Bare-Bones' Wonkette Could Be Hiring Soon - Posted May 26, 2010
Wonkette's Jim Newell is leaving to join Gawker. He replaces Alex Pareene, who left for Salon in April. Newell got his Wonkette job after...replacing Alex Pareene, w... [MediaJobsDaily]

Who Made Wash City Paper's 2009 "Best Of DC" List? - Posted March 30, 2009
What do Wonkette's Jim Newell, WaPo's Marc Fisher, Politico's John Harris, WAMU's Kojo Nnamdi and The Big Hunt all have in common? They all made the Washington City P... [FishbowlDC]

Jim Newell: The FishbowlDC Interview - Posted December 16, 2008
Say hello to Wonkette's Jim Newell. What word do you routinely misspell? Words like "misspell," actually, where you combine a word that ends in "s" with one that starts with "s." Who knows how many of those "s"es you're supposed to keep! Did you even spell "misspell" correctly? What's another... [FishbowlDC]

About Tonight... - Posted November 4, 2008
(Photo Credit) Where will you be watching tonight's election results? We've asked all sorts of journos for their evening plans and they include an Atlanta hotel room, the Phoenix Biltmore, and Champs Sports Bar in Cincinnati. Join us after the jump... ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Reading List, 03.12.08 - Posted March 12, 2008
Good morning Washington. It's the birthday of Wonkette's Jim Newell. And "a former sex worker" scores a NYT op-ed. Happy days are here again. In more serious news, be sure to continue to follow ... [FishbowlDC]

Morning Reading List, 01.03.08 - Posted January 3, 2008
Good morning Washington. It's Caucus Day! Quickly navigate Morning Reading List: REVOLVING DOOR | NEWSPAPERS | TV | ONLINE MEDIA | MAGAZINES | ... [FishbowlDC]

Say Goodbye To Alex - Posted October 3, 2007
Wonkette Editor Alex Pareene announced yesterday that he's leaving our fair city for some city up north that no one's ever heard of and which subsists on fermented piss, bloated dreams and people who -- much like the cockroaches all a... [FishbowlDC]