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The Return Of Rewrite - Posted November 19, 2010
Rewrite is back, journos! Before most of the people reading this were born*, newspapers worked very differently. Instead of reporters writing their own stories, it was common for a reporter to gather information and call it back to the "rewrite desk," where someone would compile the information into a story. That fell out... [MediaJobsDaily]

Cover Letters That Worked: "Long Hours And No Pay? Sign Me Up!" - Posted October 27, 2010
This cover letter was not sent to us but it is such a good example of how to get your foot in the door that we had to include it. We reported on this amazingly honest job listing from the Illinois Valle... [MediaJobsDaily]

No Such Thing As 'Being A Journalist' Anymore - Posted September 7, 2010
Are you a journalist? Nope, says the group at Journalism Lives. "If someone tells you, 'I'm a journalist,' tell him he's being a bad journalist for being so vague," JL wrote yesterday. That statement, say the JL authors, could mean anything these days. Instead, maybe you're a "mobile maven," someone who leads the way on... [MediaJobsDaily]

Ten Things To Do Before You Leave Your Internship - Posted August 3, 2010
an intern's life. flickr: Steve WebelNow that it's August, if you're a summer intern, you're probably heading back to school in less than a month—or worse, you're being kicked out into the real world. ... [MediaJobsDaily]

Understatement Of The Year: Do Your Homework When Pitching - Posted June 28, 2010
Cautionary tale from Joe Grimm's Ask The Recruiter column: an editor wrote in saying that he'd received a freelance pitch from a local recent graduate. "He's pursued me strongly, using the fact that he lives in the community my newspaper covers as part of his appeal," wrote the editor. "Then, when I... [MediaJobsDaily]

Should startups pay interns? - Posted June 22, 2010
The prospect of free labor is tempting for any business, especially cash-strapped startups, but is offering only school credit the best way to go? The labor department has six criteria for determining whether or not an employee at a for-profit business can be classified as an unpaid intern, including one provision that... [WebNewser -]

Just Don't Blog About Your Boss - Posted June 15, 2010
A cub reporter leaving the profession to do Teach For America asks: "Do you advise against blogging about your employers, or are there tactful ways to do this? And if I publish a blog that includes my first-person account of teaching and the views I develop about the system along the... [MediaJobsDaily]

'Feature Writing For The Web' Makes UC San Diego Extension's List Of Hot Careers - Posted May 24, 2010
It must be Opposite Day, because "feature writing for the web" has made a list of top careers. Fifth out of fourteen, in fact. UC San Diego Extension also listed geriatric health care, clinical trials design and management, and marine conservation as f... [MediaJobsDaily]

Why Won't Copy Editors Apply For My Online Jobs? 'If You Want To Hire Editors, Make Sure Editing Is Their Job' - Posted April 19, 2010
Today's "Ask The Recruiter" is the first we've seen from a hiring manager rather than a jobseeker, and the question (and response) is edifying. An editor who runs a 24-hour digital news desk says she wishes more copy editors would apply for her open jobs, but so far, none have. Joe Grimm responds: Ask... [MediaJobsDaily]

'I Wish Jobs Came With Price Tags': Or: Why Negotiating Is Still Tricky - Posted April 6, 2010
You've landed a job in this economy. Congratulations! What do you do now? Even though the media is dying, you still ought to be paid humanely. Even decently, Joe Grimm writes in Ask The Recruiter today. "If you think the offer is fair and the opportunity good, there is nothing wrong with... [MediaJobsDaily]

Grimm: Planning Ahead Four Years Seems 'Too Speculative' - Posted April 5, 2010
From journo jobs expert Joe Grimm comes an interesting observation buried at the bottom of today's Ask The Recruiter column: forget trying to plan your career out even four years from now. Part of a response to a reporter worried about the stigma of moving to a smaller publication from a bigger... [MediaJobsDaily]

Grimm: 'Hire Me' Sites Bad For Journos - Posted March 30, 2010
Thinking of creating a Don't, says Poynter's Joe Grimm. "I have looked at a lot of them now -- by journalists and non-journalists -- and most fall flat. While desperate times call for desperate measures, we don't want to look desperate, and some of these sites do....These are publicity stunts. Why... [MediaJobsDaily]

What's A J-Student Got To Do To Get A Job Around Here? - Posted March 5, 2010
A J-student writes to Poynter's Joe Grimm saying that he can't get a job despite six internships at daily newspapers and ten total media organizations. He's won multiple awards, but doesn't hear back from the papers he wants to work at. Grimm's advice, because this student goes to a small school, is... [MediaJobsDaily]

QR Codes On Your Resume: Gimmick Or Strategy? - Posted February 26, 2010
Would you put a two-dimensional barcode (also known as a QR code) on your resume or business card? Would you scan one? Our first instinct was to dismiss this as a gimmicky job-hunting strategy, but Joe Grimm talked to quite a few people who thought these were a good idea. (If you're lost... [MediaJobsDaily]

Making The Most Of Informational Interviews - Posted February 24, 2010
We love informational interviews. To death. But if you're not sure how to navigate 'em, check out Joe Grimm's (of Ask The Recruiter fame) ten-minute segment on WNYC. ... [MediaJobsDaily]

Finding Emerging Job Trends On The Macro And Micro Levels And Everything In Between - Posted January 8, 2010
flickr: Living in Monrovia Joe Grimm's Ask The Recruiter for today is spot on (no... [MediaJobsDaily]

'Opportunity' For Jobseekers As Media Recruiting Pipelines Break - Posted December 15, 2009
Joe Grimm, recruiter extraordinaire, has some good news for jobseekers. flickr: Bogdan SudituHiring in news medi... [MediaJobsDaily]

Grimm: How To Tweak Your Resume - Posted October 23, 2009
Nobody's advocating lying on your resume, but it's obviously smart to customize your resume to emphasize the skills pertinent to the job you're applying for. Here's a really good example. A former NFL writer (six years covering the Redskins!) wants to switch to the corporate world, but "I believe that my background... [MediaJobsDaily]

Were The Flip-Flops That Big Of A Deal? - Posted August 27, 2009
We're not in any way suggesting that you should wear flip-flops to a job interview (unless maybe you're interviewing to be a lifeguard), but what do you all think of today's Ask The Recruiter? The questioner, a hiring manager, asks: I need to tell some folks they weren't the pick. Two of them... [MediaJobsDaily]

Resolved: Journo Resumes Should Be Journalistically Consistent (That Means AP Style) - Posted August 24, 2009
From Joe Grimm's JobsPage blog: "Time and again, people claim on their resumes that they know AP Style, but they do not follow it." One of the best ways to prove you know AP style is to use it in your cover letter and resume. Here are the top six errors Grimm says... [MediaJobsDaily]

Poynter Says: Find Out How A CBS Correspondent Became An EVP; Last Tuesday's Chat Recap - Posted August 11, 2009
Today at 1pm EDT, Poynter's Joe Grimm and Colleen Eddy will talk with former CBS News Correspondent Joie Chen about how she landed a job as executive vice president of Branded News Worldwide. As that one gears up, here's a recap from ... [MediaJobsDaily]

College Grad Can't Find Work; Sues Her Alma Mater - Posted August 5, 2009
Trina Thompson, 27, graduated from New York's Monroe College in April with a bachelor of business administration degree in information technology. On July 24 she filed suit against the college because its career services office "did not help me with a full-time job placement," CNN reports. "They're supposed to say, 'I got this... [MediaJobsDaily]

Poynter's Live Chat Today Is Eerily Appropriate - Posted August 4, 2009
flickr: Aidan Jones. share alikeAre the folks at Poynter keeping an eye on our schedule? Today at 1pm EST, you might want to sneak out of the Circus conference hall to read Joe Grimm... [MediaJobsDaily]

Who Are You Interviewing With? - Posted July 15, 2009
Today's "Ask The Recruiter" brings up a great point: a hiring manager's interview style is going to be a lot different than a recruiter's. The jobseeker asks: "I've only ever interviewed with editors. Are there any differences in questions, styles or needs that I should be aware of?" Joe Grimm responds: In most cases,... [MediaJobsDaily]

Recruiters Speak: I Would Never Hire Someone Who 'Didn't Lie Very Well' - Posted July 10, 2009
There's been some discussion in these here parts about people being turned down for jobs for being overqualified. We noted that some frustrated jobseekers have taken to hiding their experience on their resume...which recruiters hate, because it is technically a lie. But our commenters argued that people who want to work... [MediaJobsDaily]

Show That Reporter's Backbone, Hm? - Posted July 1, 2009
From Poynter's Ask The Recruiter live chat yesterday, some tips about getting interviews when you can't even get a response from the hiring manager. The resident recruiting experts at Poynter were agreed—even when it says "no phone calls," those rules don't apply to you! You're a journalist! Actually, sitting back and following... [MediaJobsDaily]

Today: How Networking Helped Me Get A Job - Posted June 23, 2009
flickr: Aidan Jones. share alikePoynter's Joe Grimm and Colleen Eddy will be joined by ... [MediaJobsDaily]

Follow Journos' Moves With Joe Grimm's JobsPage - Posted June 15, 2009
Joe Grimm (of Ask The Recruiter fame) has launched a Twitter feed for his project. bills itself as "career strategies for journalists" and "a hub for what [Joe is] up to"—internship advice, advice for seasoned pros about going on interviews, that sort of thing. Now, @jobspage is a little... [MediaJobsDaily]

How Do I Break Into Journalism In 2009? - Posted March 31, 2009
We enjoyed listening in on a chat today about what it's like out there for jobseekers, especially those still in college and wondering what to do in 2010 or 2011. A few highlights: Q: I'm graduating in May and am trying to do exactly what this chat's title suggests. This morning,... [MediaJobsDaily]