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World Cup Was Facebook's Most-Discussed Topic Globally in 2014; Ebola in U.S. - Posted December 9, 2014
The most-discussed topic on Facebook globally in 2014 was 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, while the outbreak of the ... [AllFacebook]

Saturday London Brings Together Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for H&M - Posted December 3, 2014
Saturday London enlisted Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett for a new, glitzy holiday ad for H&M which doubles as a promotion of the pair's album Cheek to Cheek, which was released in September. The spot, entitled "Magical ... [GalleyCat]

Wednesday Odds and Ends - Posted August 27, 2014
-Halle Berry promotes her fragrance line, Wild Essence, in new ad (video above). link -McCann's Rob Reilly to DigiDay: "I do... [GalleyCat]

Lady Gaga Is the New Voice Against California's Drought. Kinda. - Posted February 18, 2014
Yeah, we smell something fishy going on too. "Brave." "A voice for the voiceless." "Standing up for us all." These are terms from loons clamoring about ... [FishbowlDC]

Beyonc and the New Face of Music Promotion - Posted January 27, 2014
... [FishbowlDC]

The 10 Biggest PR Winners of 2013 - Posted January 3, 2014
Toast of the town Yesterday we gave your our list of 2013's biggest losers, so now it's time to go positive (in keeping with #4 on this list) w... [FishbowlDC]

Top 7 'PR Case Study' Names We Never Want to Hear in 2014 - Posted December 18, 2013
You may have missed it (lucky you), but lots of PR-ready news stories went down this year. Some were ridiculous, some were inspiring, some were cringe-worthy "teaching moments" and some were held up as "let's figure out how this person got so successful so we can quantify it"... [FishbowlDC]

The 'Sexiest Man Alive' Wants You to Sign up for Obamacare - Posted December 12, 2013
Maroon 5 singer/Victoria's Secret model fan Adam Levine's appointment as People's "Sexiest Man Alive" prompted every blogger everywhere to make a "things/people that are sexier than him" listicle (our favorite entry was "... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Wears 3D Printed Dress to ARTPOP Launch - Posted December 2, 2013
( imaterialise has revealed an initial peek of the 3D printed dress designed and produced specifically for Lady Gaga on their Facebook page. Lady Gaga wore a 3D printed Parametric Sculpture Dress designed by Chinese designer Xie Wei Long at the "concert/dance party/art happening that was thrown to celebrate the launch... [Inside 3D Printing News]

Miley Cyrus Can Haz Laser Cats Crying Diamonds - Posted November 25, 2013
No, we didn't watch the "everybody phone it in" American Music Awards last night. Who do you think we are? Luckily, we are aware that the show was shockingly scandal-free and we do have some super obvious takeaways! Lady Gaga and R. Kelly: interesting, but this was a "tribute" to JFK like Gawker... [FishbowlDC]

Kohl's Goes 'Choose Your Own Adventure' with J.Lo SoMo Campaign - Posted November 22, 2013
Suffer for fashion Who's Jennifer Lopez, again? Oh right: she starred in a pretty good movie with George Clooney, got sunscreened by Ben Affleck and ... [FishbowlDC]

Facebook Weekly Highlights Brings You Mariah Carey's New Single - Posted November 14, 2013
Facebook Weekly Highlights... [AllFacebook]

Lady Gaga Calls Press Conference to Show off Her Helicopter Dress - Posted November 11, 2013
In an apparent attempt to beat crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford in the "November's Most Awkward Press Conference" competition, human sociology experiment Lady Gaga gave the world an answer to a question no one ever thought to ask: "What ... [FishbowlDC]

Facebook Weekly Highlights Brings You Hurricane Sandy One Year Later, Sheryl Crow Signing Guitars - Posted November 1, 2013
Facebook Weekly Highlights feature... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Weekly Highlights Brings You The NFL's Opening Week, More U.S. Open Action - Posted September 5, 2013
Facebook Weekly Highlights features photos posted to the social network by celebrities and athlet... [AllFacebook]

KIA Hamsters Shape Up for PR Red Carpet - Posted August 27, 2013
The PR industry has its share of "It" factor sensations just like Hollywood, the music business and television. In today's public relations, these aren't compelling and highbrow artistic ideas that transform our culture like Apple's legendary "1984" ... [FishbowlDC]

Monday Odds and Ends - Posted August 26, 2013
-What do Lady Gaga, David & Goliath and Kia have in common? The above. Guess Blake Griffin must be on vaca. -Why do mobile banner ads "stink?" Here's one opinion.... [MediaJobsDaily]

Lady Gaga Wipes Her Twitter Profile, Changes Avatar To Default Egg - Posted July 5, 2013
Lady Gaga has long been a Twitter all star, even after being surpassed in follower count by Justin... [AllTwitter]

Facebook: More Than 4M Mentions Of Supreme Court DOMA Ruling Wednesday - Posted June 27, 2013
Facebook exploded Wednesday after news broke that the U.S. ... [AllFacebook]

STUDY: Facebook Activity Correlates To Box-Office Popularity - Posted June 10, 2013
Big movies love to market through Facebook, and Facebook page statistics give an accurate view of what's going on at the box office. ... [AllFacebook]

STUDY: What Do Millennials Like On Facebook? - Posted April 10, 2013
One of the most important groups on Facebook -- in terms of marketing -- is millennials. These young adults are the most active on Facebo... [AllFacebook]

Indie Designers Rock at Nolcha Fashion Week - Posted February 15, 2013
Lady Gaga may be temporarily out of commission on the concert circuit due to an injury, but her eclectic, fashion-focused spirit lived on yesterday at ... [FishbowlDC]

Justin Timberlake Joins the Dumb 'Creative Director' Hiring Boom - Posted February 8, 2013
Here is a public relations tip for brands that hire celebrities as "creative directors": The American public is just beginning to shake the awfulness of a recession that landed many talented and ambitious souls in the unemployment line; millions still yearn for jobs worthy of their hard work and skills. So when your... [FishbowlDC]

Beyonc Lip-Syncs the National Anthem, Public Shrugs - Posted January 22, 2013
So, you may have heard about the scandal of the day: Beyonc did not perform the National Anthem live at yesterday's inauguration. Quelle horreur! You think we're joking, but people have been debating this online: Is she a horrible person? How should she phrase her sincere apology? We're not big fans... [FishbowlDC]

Facebook For Every Phone Was The Top Page In 2012 - Posted January 10, 2013
Celebrities had a great year on Facebook in 2012. Rihanna rose up the page charts to be the most popular human-based page on the social network, and se... [AllFacebook]

LA Agency Cranks Out Another Year-End Review for Google - Posted December 14, 2012
The video compilation runs two minutes, 46 seconds and features initial quick shots of Red Bull space diver Felix Baumgartner, South Korean viral sensation Psy and a deep-sea diving James Cameron. And for the third yea... [FishbowlLA]

Americans, Annoyed By Voting, Voice Outrage on Twitter - Posted November 6, 2012
What, you thought we wouldn't post any more election stories today? To all our readers who already voted: how annoying/rewarding was the whole process? Was it worth the "voter's high"? Is that even a thing? Reminder: We live in a democracy, and just as we have a right to vote we also... [FishbowlDC]

Celebs Take To Facebook To Get Out The Vote - Posted November 5, 2012
Celebrities from Lady Gaga to Sarah Palin and Tyra Banks are taking to Facebook urging their fans to vote ahead of Election Day. That's just some of the Facebook fodder political ju... [AllFacebook]

Omaze Turns the Charity PR Model on Its Head - Posted October 16, 2012
The non-profit business model is timeless: Celebrities and other well-to-do individuals identify a personal cause and encourage fans and followers to get involved--but the whole venture runs on the large donations of the fortunate few. While Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins were still in business school, they ... [GalleyCat]

PR and Porn Part 5: Joanna Angel, the Brand - Posted October 12, 2012
In yesterday's fourth chapter of our week-long "PR and Porn" series, Burning Angel CEO Joanna Angel... [FishbowlDC]

Rihanna Tops Eminem For Most Facebook Likes - Posted October 8, 2012
Move over, Eminem: ... [AllFacebook]

Spin the Agencies of Record - Posted September 27, 2012
Hyundai's dedicated shop, Innocean, has secured its first non-auto client in the U.S. ... [GalleyCat]

Spin the Agencies of Record - Posted September 27, 2012
Hyundai's dedicated shop, Innocean, has secured its first non-auto client in the U.S. ... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Gets Political After 'Slut' Remarks - Posted September 27, 2012
Despite the fact that Lady Gaga was born and raised in Manhattan (here's a ... [FishbowlDC]

NY1 Catches Staten Island Borough President Calling Lady Gaga a 'Slut' - Posted September 25, 2012
Now this is what you call an exclusive. NY1 was attending a meeting for an anti-drug campaign launched by Staten Island borough president James Molinaro, when he curiously targeted Lady Gaga with some pent-up rage. ... [FishbowlLA]

Beyonc Brings the World to Attention for Humanitarian Day - Posted August 30, 2012
How do you get 1.13 billion people to "do something good, somewhere, for someone else"? Why, you show them a Beyonc video, of course! Throw in some impressive CGI and inspiring imagery from around the globe and you're golden, baby! For this year's World Humanitarian Day, which took place on August... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Knows How to Handle the Public - Posted August 20, 2012
Sometimes a group of talented, well-meaning people sees a potential crisis brewing, acts in the moment and leaves everyone involved looking and feeling really awkward. This was one of those times. Here we have the world's top pop star, her security detail and an overzealous Romanian fan starring in the first... [FishbowlDC]

Tom Leykis' Latest Online Gambit: 50,000 Songs in a Row - Posted July 31, 2012
On Monday at noon PT, Tom Leykis kicked off his latest Internet experiment: the all-music stream Pure Pop Hits. Aimed squarely at the 12-to-24 demo, it features a DJ-less run of son... [FishbowlLA]

Rapper Eminem Is The First Person To 60 Million Facebook Likes - Posted July 30, 2012
Not long ago, Eminem surpassed Lady Gaga in terms of Facebook following. Now the rapper can... [AllFacebook]

eMusic Turns Pitchfork Music Festival Goers Into Lab Rats - Posted July 19, 2012
Last weekend, Chicago's Union Park played host to Pitchfork Music Festival, a... [GalleyCat]

Case Study Time: Gaga's 'Workshop' Gets Big Results from Digital Campaign - Posted July 13, 2012
Last holiday season, Lady Gaga brought her bizarre antics to Barneys New York (see sizzle video below), installing a "workshop" with various colorful sets and items like purple unicorn stockings and a $95.00 shoe... [GalleyCat]

Report: Six Ways To Keep Facebook Users Coming Back To Your Page - Posted July 3, 2012
Facebook marketing software provider ... [AllFacebook]

Facebook Party Pictures Add Up Quickly - Posted June 25, 2012
As more people have the ability to post photos on the go, it's only inevitable that more photos from Friday night's party end up on Faceboo... [AllFacebook]

Lady Gaga's Massive Social Influence [INFOGRAPHIC] - Posted June 19, 2012
Lady Gaga is the darling of the social media world. No one has more followers on Twitter than the Mother Monster, and she's got plenty of influence to boot. This infographic takes a look at Gaga's unsurpassed social influence - and some of the numbers are positively staggering. ... [AllTwitter]

Bristol Palin Broadcasts to Millions to Prove She's 'Anti-Hollywood' - Posted June 19, 2012
Bristol Palin's new reality series, Life's a Tripp, which premieres tonight on Lifetime, is being marketed as a show about an "anti-Hollywood," down-to-earth mother, who is relentlessly hounded by paparazzi and scrutinized by the media while just trying to live a normal life with her son... because signing up to be... [FishbowlDC]

Are Religious Leaders More Influential Than Pop Stars On Twitter? - Posted June 6, 2012
Lady Gaga might have more Twitter followers than anyone else, but some new insights from Twitter itself suggest that she's not the most influential. In fact, she's not even up there in the upper echelon of most influential tweeters. Neither are J... [AllTwitter]

Perez Hilton Fronts Another Fashion Disaster - Posted April 2, 2012
Mario Lavandeira, who makes a good part of his Perez Hilton living ridiculing celebrities, is often caught in the s... [FishbowlLA]

Find Out How Much Your Twitter Account Is Worth - Posted February 9, 2012
Want to find out just how much all that tweeting and retweeting has paid off? Try out this cute, simple app that tells you just how much money your Twitter account would get you if you sold it. ... [10,000 Words]

Tweet Your Wishes At Barneys NYC, And They'll End Up In A "Gaga Constellation" On Display - Posted December 6, 2011
Well, this is just about as creative as it gets with Twitter. Holiday shoppers who walk by Barneys Madison Avenue this season will see an interactive window display that combines the best of Twitter, Lady Gaga and...stardust. The Science Project has put together a... [AllTwitter]

Perez Hilton Talks to The Guardian - Posted December 5, 2011
With Lady Gaga set to kick off the four-part ITV2 series Perez Hilton: Superf... [FishbowlLA]

Lady Gaga Goes to Barney's for the Holidays - Posted November 22, 2011
... [FishbowlDC]

Weird Al Ready to Show Harold Camping How It's Done - Posted November 11, 2011
The Rapture never came May 21. Nor on Harold Camping's revised date of October 21. But switch around those numerals and swap out on... [FishbowlLA]

FishbowlLA Contest Winners Hang with A-List Immortals - Posted November 9, 2011
Exactly a week after celebrating the third-year anniversary of a wedding arranged just days before the passing of Prop 8, LA residents Travis and Ian-Mathew attended the November 7 Nokia Theatre premiere and rooftop after-party for the new historical action drama Immortals. They were there as winners of a conte... [FishbowlLA]

Lady Gaga Launches Anti-Bullying Foundation - Posted November 2, 2011
[caption id="attachment_29627" align="alignleft" width="314" caption="AP Photo / Wally Santana"][/caption] Lady Gaga has launched the Born This Way Foundation, which her mother, Cynthia Germanotta,will help to run. The foundation will focus on youth empowerment through support for organizations that address issues like self-confidence... [FishbowlDC]

KIIS-FM Still Tops in Southern California - Posted September 7, 2011
When it comes to the Los Angeles radio industry, a good guy to have in the Rolodex is definitely Greg Ashlock. Per an item t... [FishbowlLA]

MTV Adds Social Activism to VMAs Mix - Posted August 9, 2011
[caption id="attachment_25562" align="alignleft" width="238" caption="Katy Perry and a Moonman in 2010. She's among the nominees for this year's 'Best Video with a Message' award. Photo: PA"][/caption] MTV's annual Video Music Awards... [FishbowlDC]

East Coast Media Starts Catching Up to 'Way Too Inconvenient a Truth' - Posted July 29, 2011
This particular LA Times opinion piece was published July 21. Under the headline "The World's Biggest Problem: Too Many People," biologists ... [FishbowlLA]

Weird Al Has New Album, Disconcertingly Nice Breasts - Posted June 20, 2011
Never thought we'd live to write this sentence, but Weird Al Yankovic somehow had us questioning our sexuality after watching the early moments of his new music video. And apparently we weren't the only ones. The YouTube ... [FishbowlLA]

Twitter News Galore! - Posted May 31, 2011
For Twitter, this definitely isn't a slow news week. Just a week after announcing that it had purchased TweetDeck, the social site has announced that it has acquired AdGrok... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Shares the PR Love - Posted May 27, 2011
... [FishbowlDC]

Are Zynga Partnerships the New Hot Thing? - Posted May 11, 2011
[caption id="attachment_20741" align="alignleft" width="296" caption="Photo: Reuters"][/caption] Lady Gaga is creating her own town -- "Gagaville" -- through a partnership with Zynga, the ma... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Puts Her Own Unique Spin on LA-New York Debate - Posted April 15, 2011
For the May issue of Harper's Bazaar, contributor Derek Blasberg recently sat down with ... [FishbowlLA]

Ask Lady Gaga Your Burning Questions on Twitter - Posted March 17, 2011
If you're curious about just what type of meat made its way onto Lady Gaga's infamous meat dress, you now have a chance to ask the pop sensation yourself. She will be answering questions submitted via Twitter on a YouTube video this week. You have until midn... [AllTwitter]

YouTube Goes Gaga - Posted March 16, 2011
YouTube wants to offer something for everyone: If Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu isn't your cup of tea, perhaps ... [WebNewser -]

How Many Twitter Accounts Have Over 1 Million Followers? - Posted March 14, 2011
If you've been on Twitter for any length of time, you'll likely know that Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber are among the most-followed Twitter users, each with a follower count in the millions. But just how hard is it to reach one million followers? And... [AllTwitter]

Find Out How Much Your Twitter Account is Worth - Posted March 4, 2011
Want to find out just how much all that tweeting and retweeting has paid off? Try out this cute, simple app that tells you just how much money your Twitter account would get you if you sold it. ... [AllTwitter]

Eminem: The Most Popular Living Person on Facebook - Posted February 24, 2011
... [GalleyCat]

Robert Pattinson Takes a Bite of Second Annual iVillage Entertainment Awards - Posted February 22, 2011
iVillage revealed the winners of its ... [WebNewser -]

We Can't Escape the Gaga! - Posted February 17, 2011
Lady Gaga hatched from her egg and now she has a record to promote, so she is everywhere and anywhere all at once. Chill Miss Lady! You're topping the charts. Our colleagues at ... [FishbowlDC]

Amidst Burgeoning Media Firestorm, 10-Year-Old Prodigy Headed for LA - Posted February 17, 2011
It started today with an article in London's The Daily Mail. Under the blaring headline "Cowell Signs YouTube Girl, 10" came the news of how a Toronto youngster, Heather Russell, has been signed to a recording contract by The X Factor... [FishbowlLA]

The Music That Ruled Social Media in 2010 - Posted February 9, 2011
Online music chart website We Are Hunted has released their research for the last half of 2010, showing which artists won the year's social media battle. Their findings, which measure artists' "buzzworthiness" ov... [GalleyCat]

Luc Carl Lands Book Deal for The Drunk Diet - Posted February 7, 2011
Musician, party promoter, and bar manager L c Carl has inked a book deal with St. Martin's Press for a book about how he lost weight while drinking heavily. Executive editor Kathy Huck acquired the boo... []

Play it Again Slick Willie | Protecting Words | The People Love The Lady - Posted January 31, 2011
TVNewser: MSNBC's Chris Matthews is going to be hosting a President's Day special focusing on Bill Clinton. Here's hopin... [FishbowlLA]

Lady Gaga Will Reach Twitter Milestone This Week: 8 Million Followers - Posted January 31, 2011
Lady Gaga is poised to become the first Twitter user to reach 8 million followers this week. Her popularity is unmatched on social media - she is the #1 Twitter user, has one of the top five most popular Facebook pages, and is the fourth most-watch YouTube personality. ... [AllTwitter]

LA Has More Than a Few 'Loathsome Americans' - Posted January 24, 2011
The Buffalo Beast has published its annual Matt Taibbi-inspired (he founded the paper) list of the "50 Most... [FishbowlLA]

Designer's Muse Mugs for Thierry Mugler - Posted January 24, 2011
... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Doesn't Have to Say, Wear Much to Make an Announcement - Posted January 3, 2011
We know that Lady Gaga ... [FishbowlDC]

Lady Gaga Doesn't Have to Say, Wear Much to Make an Announcement - Posted January 3, 2011
We know that Lady Gaga ... [GalleyCat]

Perez Hilton Launches, But Why? - Posted January 3, 2011
Gossip monger Perez Hilton created a home for his more seedy content,, which seeming... [WebNewser -]

Lady Gaga Moves Magazines - Posted January 3, 2011
Score one for the bad girls. Women's Wear Daily notes that the outrageous and overtly sexual Lady Gaga as cover girl made for great magazine sales in 2010, while decidedly vanilla co... [FishbowlLA]

Lady Gaga: 2010's Top Cover Girl - Posted January 3, 2011
With five Grammy award nominations, a spot on Time's 100 most influential people of the year list, and eight MTV Video Music Awards in the past 12 months, ... [FishbowlLA]

Experian Hitwise Search Data Lists for 2010 - Posted December 29, 2010
'Tis the season for year-end lists, so Experian Hitwise chimed in with some of its own, revealing its 10 most searched terms for 2010, as well as most visited Web... [PRNewser]

Experian Hitwise Search Data Lists for 2010 - Posted December 29, 2010
'Tis the season for year-end lists, so Experian Hitwise chimed in with some of its own, revealing its 10 most searched terms for 2010, as well as most visited Web... [Inside Mobile Apps]

Twitter Spelling Report Card: Grading Obama, Palin and Kanye - Posted December 20, 2010
What grade do you think Barack Obama would get for his Twitter spelling? How about Sarah Palin? You'd probably guess pretty close to those two, but how about the other seven celebrities on this Twitter spelling report card? While we know that 140-characters can sometimes restri... [10,000 Words]

The Year's Most Retweeted Tweets: Stephen Colbert to Receive First-Ever Golden Tweet Award - Posted December 15, 2010
Twitter's year-end wrap-up continued in full force, as the microblogging service followed up ... [WebNewser -]

Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg an Upset Winner of TIME 2010 Person of the Year - Posted December 15, 2010
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has more important things to worry about, lik... [WebNewser -]

TIME Readers Choose WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange as Person of the Year; Will Editors Follow Suit? - Posted December 14, 2010
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange appears to be one s... [WebNewser -]

WikiLeaks' Julian Assange Still in First Place in TIME Person of the Year Voting - Posted December 8, 2010
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange may be cooling his heels in a London jail, bu... [WebNewser -]

The Local Merits of Madame Tussaud's - Posted December 6, 2010
Madame Tussaud's Hollywood is the kind of attraction few LA locals would ever think of visiting, other than when the in-laws or other relatives are in town. But having stopped by over the weekend, FishbowlLA has some important holiday season news: if you're struggling to come up with a kitschy photo... [FishbowlLA]

German Hackers Engineer Some LA Trickery - Posted December 3, 2010
One is a 17-year-old high school student in Duisberg; the other, a 23-year-old unemployed male in Wesel. Both still live with their German parents. Nevertheless, this unlikely pair was able to victimize from afar ... [FishbowlLA]

Rihanna Tops Inaugural Billboard Social 50 - Posted December 2, 2010
Billboard is known for its charts, and the 116-year-old music publication added to its arsenal with Social 50, which tracks the popularity of artists based on social media, ... [WebNewser -]

Chinese Designer Weighs Down Lady Gaga - Posted December 1, 2010
New York Times fashion writer Cathy Horyn shares a fascinating look at 43-year-old Chin... [FishbowlLA]

A Hush Will Fall on News Feeds Everywhere - Posted November 29, 2010
Celebrities will "die" on Twitter and Facebook starting Wednesday for the "Buy Life" campaign, which seeks to raise $1 million for Keep A Child Alive, a charitable organization that provides medical care and other services for families affected by H.I... [FishbowlDC]

Celebrity Social Media Deaths: Would You Pay to Bring Lady Gaga Back? - Posted November 29, 2010
Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Usher, Serena Williams and Ryan Seacrest are going to die - or so the media buzz goes. In a high-profile charity campaign, these and other celebrities have pledged to log-off Twitter and other social media p... [AllTwitter]

Cookie Monster Campaigns to Host 'SNL' - Posted November 23, 2010
Sesame Street resident Cookie Monster is so eager to host "Saturday Night Live" that he's created an audition video to show his chops. From an opening monologue to parodies of MacGruber and ... [FishbowlLA]

Who Will Rescue the Chilean Miners from Super Junior? - Posted October 15, 2010
The rescued Chilean miners may have prompted huge usage upticks for media outlets like ... [WebNewser -]

Lady Gaga Takes on Don't Ask, Don't Tell - Posted September 17, 2010
... [FishbowlLA]

NBC's Today Connects With Foursquare - Posted May 14, 2010
Yet another media company is partnering with the hot location-based start-up Foursquare. NBC's "Today" is using the social media company's platform to promote its annual summer concert series. Foursquare users are being encouraged to come to Rockefeller Plaza and watch the Toyota Concert Series live. When they "check-in" there, they can earn... [WebNewser -]

The First Decent 'Telephone' Parody - Posted March 26, 2010
Genius. This one hits it out of the park. "I just wa... [FishbowlLA]

The Diner in the Lady Gaga Telephone Video - Posted March 15, 2010
Our crack research team here at FBLA has found the website of the set that appears in the latest Lady Gaga ... [FishbowlLA]

Atomic PR Wins Intuit and Polaroid Business - Posted January 11, 2010
Did you hear about Lady Gaga's new gig as Creative Director with Polaroid? The multi-platinum artist made waves at last week's Consumer Electronics Show... [FishbowlDC]