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Happy Anniversary To Us

I Want A Little Fishie In My Bowl.gifOne year ago today, on January 18, 2005, a blog was born – namely, this one. Well, that’s mostly true – it was born in beta and launched on January 31st, along with 5 other tender young blogs – but the first full-fledged FishbowlNY item posted last year on this day, and that’s anniversary enough for us.

A switch from the Royal We: I’ve been writing and editing Fishbowl for almost ten months now, which kind of boggles my mind but in a very, very good way. I’m pleased to have been part of the team that has brought this blog to fruition – founding editor and former MB EIC Elizabeth Spiers, her trusty deputy Christian Moerk, the Fishterns, especially Jamie Frevele, Maureen Miller and Annie Karni; FBNY contributing editor Aileen Gallagher; the lunch-tastic Laurel Touby, whose largesse has fed many of us at Michael’s along the way; my fantabulous fellow bloggers with whom I have been proud to be linked; and all the FishFriends&#153 who have tipped, emailed, and otherwise made this thing go swimmingly along the way.

As the Rolling Stones* once said, it’s been a very good year. Thanks to all of you and here’s to many more!

Rachel Sklar

*For God’s sake, people, it’s a joke.

Department of Artistic Inspiration: Our Laurel inspires The Observer‘s Tom Scocca!


That Media Mob sure knows how to have fun on a Friday afternoon! The Daily Transom posts this fun New Yorker cartoon inspired by MB founder, cyberhostess and legendary boa-wearer Laurel Touby. Extra-fun link: “Related: Laurel Touby uses her boa as a magic sapphic lasso,” which just tripled attendance at Mediabistro parties.

Fun with New Yorker Cartoons! [FishbowlNY]

Update: A reader has since pointed out that it is unclear that Tom Scocca did not draw the cartoon, merely the caption (and Laurel’s signature rectangular glasses). The cartoon was the New Yorker caption contest entry for the week and was drawn by the talented Matthew Diffee.

Everything old is new again

I wanted to take a second to update Fishbowl readers on four — count ‘em, four — recent posts, all of which are just brimming with new and relevant information. Allons-y!

  • The Letterman vs. O’Reilly flap: Not surprisingly, it has exploded into a blogosphere juggernaut (currently it’s the #1 – and #6 – search on Technorati). Our updated post brings you links to the vid, the transcript and, of course, the shirt.

  • The First Thing We Do Is Blog All the Lawyers: We’ve added a few more to the roster (congratulations, Salon‘s Tim Grieve and MediaPost‘s Wendy Davis! We’re still on the fence about Jeremy Blachman but there was that Times op-ed, so, okay). We want to have the definitive list of juristic journalists, so feel free to blatantly out your lawyer friends here.
  • Here’s to the ladies who prognosticate: Our post featuring Media Predictions of 2006 has been updated since 2005, so give a look to see what Star/American Media honcho Bonnie Fuller, Salon’s Rebecca Traister, Village Voice sex columnist and MB “Citizen Media Critic” Rachel Kramer Bussel and others have to say. Includes audioclip from the song “Easy Lover,” apropos of something.
  • …and it’s not just that it rhymes with “Gherkin”: NYT labial essayist Daphne Merkin‘s Sunday NYT mag piece on her vagina, herself inspired some interesting conversation, to be sure (let alone some interesting headlines in the blogosphere, once which humorously invokes Barbara Billingsly). That, however, is not the update. The update is a goofy yet strangely apropos pun. And we’re hiding it after the jump, just because.

Read more

2005: Fishbowl’s Favorite Posts, in Pictures

delicious yellow grape tomatoes.jpgdarth tater ii.png arnold above the waist.jpgCottage.jpg
lion belt buckle.jpgfit is the new rich.jpgJolieNYC.jpgbea.png
hippo (1).jpg alt2.gif<img alt="9_28_procession_funeral.jpg" src="/fishbowlny/files/original/9_28_procession_funeral-thumb.jpg" width="163" height="115"
Fishy-fis.gifNew Orleans under water.jpgmap o' mikes.gif
sound-of-music.jpg Andy Coop, wet and weathered.jpg <img alt="shadow man.png" src="/fishbowlny/files/original/shadow man-thumb.png" width="96" height="115" class="alignleft"HP and the HBP.jpg

This is a bit of a mish-mash (aka a Hodge-Podge) of some of our favorite posts from the past year, basically an excuse for us to show off the fact that we learned how to make an image link to a post (9 months in and we’re learning, people!). It is by no means all-inclusive especially since there are none you can sing along to. Even so, a picture’s worth a thousand words and that’s good, because there are 18 of them and who wants to read an 18,000 word blog post? Exactly.

2005: It ain’t over ’til it’s over!

Today is the last day of the last workweek of 2005, and let’s be serious – only me and my mom are reading this blog right now. So that’s it for today. BUT – we still have a few 2005 roundup posts on deck, and Lord knows we’ll all have hangovers to nurse on Sunday, so come back and let us wash away the pain! In the meantime, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Thank you so much for reading, and have an awesome weekend followed by a fantastic, wonderful and fulfilling 2006.

…and to all a good night!

sesame street christmas.jpg


Hope you all have a fantastic and present-laden holiday weekend filled with delicious food, heaping portions and warm memories. And heaping portions. Fishbowl will see you back here Monday, ’cause that’s how we roll.

Tech and hookers!

Sometimes, computers need to sleep, too. It’s just not great when you find out about it in the morning. We’re back in business and will post soon.

Meanwhile, Radar goes down swinging: the word “hooker” appears on its homepage twice (but not on its holiday gift round-up). RadarOnline, please stay around as long as possible.

Touchin’ base and CNN Party

Hi folks, just taking a breather – Wednesdays are kind of crazy because going to Michael’s takes up such a big chunk of time (never mind having to actually shower and dress – how do you people do it?). So for those of you (well, all one of you) eager to see my report from the CNN party, please be patient while I go eat, carouse and break a few windows. Sometimes I like to start bar fights. Otherwise, I’ll be back later to talk about how sad I was that I didn’t eat more of the delicious chicken skewers, sushi and specially-made CNN cookies because I was too busy playing with all my new friends from the telly!

p.s. Anonymous tipster, you can email me directly next time! I won’t bite!

Happy Thanksgiving! Or, put differently, get stuffed.

it's turkey lurkey time.gif To whomever is checking this right now and not enjoying the seamless and easygoing experience of travelling on the biggest holiday of the year: Happy Thanksgiving! Have a great holiday, eat well, and tryp the light (to)phantastic — Fishbowl is technically off-duty but in case you’re bored rest assured that our OCD will keep us posting sporadically over the weekend as it amuses us, starting with Lunch at Michael’s, featuring some very attractive people and Fishbowl’s review of the new Michael’s Cobb Salad (did we like it? Did we hate it? Did we even finish it, little slip of a thing that we are? Come back and find out!). This holiday weekend will see Fishbowl opining on matters including but not limited to: Zell Miller in song, our favorite tear-out New York magazine posters, which Labor of Hercules best describes PlameGate (stomping, snorting, wild bull? Flock of messy birds? Delicious juicy apples?), the difference between Samantha Bee and Katherine Boo, the difference between Dan Froomkin and Seth Mnookin, and the difference between Adam Moss and David Remnick (“‘Tis the season to catch your significant other cheating on you” is a good start). In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend and let’s all hope like hell that Howie Kurtz hasn’t gone on vacation.

Fishbowl is in LA and internet-challenged

Hello FishFriends — if you’re reading this that means MB is back up, hooray! Just a quick update: we’re in LA and our hotel was having internet issues — it’s killing us, all we want to do is talk about Bob Woodward and Arianna Huffington’s party (which rocked, by the way. Hi best friend Ron Silver*!). We’ll find a wifi hotspot as soon as we can and give you the scoop ASAP — in the meantime enjoy the lovely 80 degree weather. Oh wait, that’s me. Hee hee.

Have a great day — back soon!

* Not really Fishbowl’s new best friend.