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Archives: April 2006

Drop it like it’s duty-free

Nisht do gedachet, my nizzle, but if you’re ever in Heathrow and flying British Airways, don’t bring an entourage of 30 into the business class lounge.

Mon dieu! Rosie returns?

The final shuffle of the TV deck is complete: The AP is reporting that Rosie O’Donnell is coming back to daytime TV… on “The View.” rosie.jpg.jpg

For those keeping score: Katie Couric leaves “Today” to go to CBS News. Meredith Veira leaves “The View” to go to “Today.”

So much for that New York Times Magazine piece which had her staying at home and painting with the kids.

XM shares plunge on news of Feds billing probe

Reuters reported today that XM Radio posted a wider quarterly loss on higher spending, and said federal regulators were probing its billing and marketing procedures.

Now I know why I keep on getting billed for an XM that was ripped out of my ride… in 2004.

Angelina Getting Creative with Her Representation Again, Fires CAA

Nikki Finke reports that, inexplicably, Angelina Jolie has fired Creative Artists Agency after just a little over a year there, though Braddy-o will stay put.

More details on this as they emerge, as well as where she might land…



Belated apologies…

…for slow posting schedule today. Internet gremlins have played hell with your editor’s connectivity all day – made worse by a taping schedule from Hades.

Some good news: I scored an interview with The New York Times‘ Pellicano correspondents, David Halbfinger and Allison Hope Weiner. Tune in to “The Business” next Monday on KCRW (89.9) at 2:30 PM (PDT) or download the show on iTunes. You’ll not be disappointed…

And now, back to the posting!

Well, I Guess That ‘G Ain’t Got No Love For No Dropped Verizon Signalz’ is Out of the Question

palm_treo_verizon.jpgFrom today’s WSJ story about wireless cellphone carriers quietly imposing decency standards on music and video content providers:

Among the subjects and images some content providers say Verizon Wireless barred them from including:

  • Exposed male or female genitals
  • Bare buttocks
  • Explicit, obscured or implied sexual acts
  • Crude words or profanity
  • Language intended to incite violence
  • Hate speech
  • Glorification or promotion of criminal acts
  • Derogatory references to Verizon, Verizon Wireless or Vodafone

    Wireless Carriers Set Strict Decency Standards for Content [WSJ]

  • LAT in 90 seconds

    – Apparently, the LAT reads Two days after Ross Johnson‘s scoop (Pellicano to Feds: You Turned My Girl Into a Snitch) the LAT finally reports that Pellicano is “accusing the federal government of spying on him in prison through a secret arrangement with his then-girlfriend.”

    USC quarterback Mark Sanchez, potentially no longer the Trojans‘ starter, “was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of sexual assault.” If you’re a certain maker of prophylactics, this is what you call The Apocalypse.

    – “It’s an all-encompassing experience for the extremely dedicated fan who wants to extend their experience with the show beyond the weekly viewing. It’s Internet, it’s mythology, it’s puzzle-solving and it’s games. It’s groundbreaking in that sense that it’s never been done before, but it’s hard to put it into a single sentence to describe it.

    Yeah. We noticed.

    Hablas Espanol? CBS and Disney dust off their phrase books

    Both Disney and CBS are dating Univision are dating again.

    Neither was thought to be so interested in swallowing such as large pescado, and Mexico’s Televisa was thought to be the leading candidate. univision_logo.gif

    The New York Times today notes that Viacom’s Les Moonves has been quite the dissembling cub:

    “The latest negotiations appear to demonstrate that there may be more interest in Univision than some rivals have so far let on. Just yesterday, the chief executive of CBS, Leslie Moonves, told investors on an earnings conference call that ‘we’re not looking for an acquisition of that size.’”

    Which is arguably still true – but only if you consider parse that to mean “at the price Univision is asking.” No wonder he and Clinton are buddies.

    Anyway, it makes sense: What’s fascinating to us is that Televisa is interested at all: In buying Univision, Televisa wouldn’t so much be competeing against wimpy Spanish networks like Telemundo. Univision’s execs no longer think other Spanish-language networks are its competition: They’re competeing for bilingual Spanglish speakers, and Televisa would need to compete against “Desperate Housewives” and it’s not clear they could do that with just “Sabado Gigante,” if you know what I mean.

    The chief impediment to CBS – or any gringo buyer – would seem to be that despite it’s hugely dominant market share (80% or so of Spanish viewers) Univision still suffers from a disporportinately low share of Madison Avenue’s dinero.

    The Dizzying Page Six-JPS-Burkle Roundup


    We had taken a bit of a posting break from the Page Six scandal — following, certainly, but letting the Js and Ps cool off on the keyboard, at least temporarily. But, as one of our readers — who absolutely does not spend his days obsessing over the case at home in the Catskills — points out, there’ve been enough stories of late to warrant a roundup:

  • The FBI investigation into the Anthony J. Pellicano wiretapping trial trips up a connection to Ron Burkle. [via FishbowlLA]
  • Slate delivers it’s own roundup. So does Jossip.
  • Gawker points out a strangely timed omission by the New York Times in a story relating to Pellicano.
  • Myrna Blythe doesn’t get Ron Burkle.
  • The Clintons’ association with RB is going to be trouble for Mrs. Clinton’s run for the White House, says the New York Post.
  • It seems models have taken to blogging about Burkle, occasionally referring to him as a “sea slug.”
  • Vanity Fair, perhaps sensing its lead time is killing the impact of its upcoming June feature that references the Burkle-Pellicano connection, offers a “Sneak Peak” of its story online.

    Could all this apparent (mostly) anti-Burkle press mean the tide of public opinion has turned in Jared Paul Stern‘s favor?

  • Media Minutiae: Copycat Edition

    • Looking to the Fifth Sixth Borough: Daily News checks out Philly.
    • Headlines: Jay Leno gets flak about gay jokes from playwright.
    • Kaavy-cat: Viswanathan pleads a new kind of plagiarism — the unconscious kind. GalleyCat: CopyKaavy coverage.
    • Seventeen: Deluxe.