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Archives: September 2008

Magazines Following the Money to Dubai

Yellow_Brick_Road.jpgMore than once in the last two weeks people we’ve talked to who know about these things have told us the financial capital of the world decamped to London a while ago and is now headed for Dubai. And it looks like parts of the media world may be following suit.

WWD is reporting that Doubledown Media (their homepage says they “reach over 2.5 million working, wealthy men”) has announced it has already been printing Trader Monthly in Dubai and intends to launch Dealmaker there as well.

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One More Reason to Love the New York Post

nyp09.30.08.pngSay what you will about the New York Post, but it’s impossible not to like when it does things like this.

No New Year for Jewish Living

Jewish+Living+2.jpgBeing Rosh Hashanah and all, the Jewish population is turning over a new leaf today. Jewish Living, however, won’t be along for the ride. The magazine announced its fifth issue will be its last, closing up shop due because “given current economic conditions, it has become increasingly difficult to ensure sustainable funding and therefore the ongoing viability of the business.”

In 2007, Toronto Life art director Carol Moskot and Dan Zimerman, an advertising creative director, relocated to New York to launch the magazine.

In June, American Jewish Life folded.

Gwen Ifill Breaks Ankle – The Show Will Go On

G Ifill3333.jpgOur sister site TVNewser broke the story that Gwen Ifill, the moderator of the upcoming vice presidential debate this Thursday broke her ankle yesterday due to a misstep.

Now she can have something in common with the two candidates she’s moderating…the missteps…ahem.

Word is she is still traveling to Missouri for the shindig. You go.

Finke Inserts Herself Into Weinstein/Rudin Scrap

hw2.jpgBlogger Nikki Finke, as is her wont, has placed herself smack in the middle of this true Hollywood showdown between producers Harvey Weinstein and Scott Rudin.

sr.jpgNikki claimed that the New York Post’s Page Six called her to gossip about Weinstein and his offer of a milion bucks for charity.

At issue is whether Weinstein pledged $1 million to charity if anyone can prove and produce a Rudin email about Weinstein’s alleged treatment of the late Anthony Minghella and Sydney Pollack’s families. Nikki says Rudin told HER Monday night that it was in fact his email and that Weinstein’s people were pestering him to deny the email and lie to Page Six. Nikki went on the up-and-up by reprinting the contretemps in her well-read blog, Deadline Hollywood Daily.

We’re still trying to figure out whether she’s getting a cut from either producer, as is their normal wont.

All of this hullabaloo was related to the Stephen Daldry-directed film, “The Reader,” which, if it ever gets out has potential for Oscars.

And since when does Page Six call other gossips for help?

Harvey Weinstein Owes Nikki Finke $1 Million

2372916010_2c00957490.jpgRupert Murdoch may be losing a millions dollars a day this year, but he’s not alone! Harvey Weinstein managed to lose a million dollars in just a few minutes yesterday. Here’s what happened.

The other day the inimitable Nikki Finke wrote a piece, purportedly based on an email she’d seen from Scott Rudin, accusing Weinstein of badgering both Sydney Pollack on his deathbed and Anthony Minghella‘s widow shortly after his death over the release date of the upcoming The Reader. Weinstein denied the charges. Rudin denied sending the email. Weinstein said if Finke could produce the email he would give $1 million to charity. Oh yeah? Said Finke.

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Court Says OC Register Can Report on Its Own Trial

ocrlogo250333.gifLAT isn’t the only SoCal paper getting sued by its employees. Newspaper carriers are suing the OC Register. A judge had ruled against the paper covering the trial, fearing bias and an ability to poison the jury pool.

An appellate court yesterday ruled differently:

The five-page unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel said Orange County Superior Court Judge David C. Velasquez’s order barring only the Register from reporting testimony during the trial violates both state and federal constitutions.

Yeah, journalists from a paper reporting on a suit against said paper is…wait for it…a little like naval gazing.

Get it?

Sarah Palin’s Pretend (We Hope) Facebook Profile


From here. It’s complete and bigger after the jump.

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Olbermann Puts Obama on Worst Persons List

Our thanks to Huffpo for this.

FBLA Got an Interview With Sarah Palin and So Can You

It used to be a problem that reporters and others in the liberal media elite were being refused access to Republican Veep Candidate Sarah Palin. They even gave Maureen Dowd the boot.

But now there’s Where you can ask basic broad questions and instead of coherency get a Sarah Palin answer. You can even re-ask the question (for clarity) and get yet another Sarah Palin answer. Such as:

Q: Why should the US elect Senator McCain?

A: John McCain has a great plan to get caught up in this nation, at this time. It is that we expect of them. But here again, government has got to stop. Spending that, investing that, not using the prudence that we send those out to make sure that this happens. We’ve got to get caught up in this evil, in this mission of keeping our eye on Russia. And, you’re in Alaska. We have trade missions back and forth. We we do it’s very important when you consider even national security issues. Let me speak specifically about a credential that I just gave you.

Perfect! Remember when she invited people to a game of Stump the Candidate? Who knew how fun that game actually is.