Gaines_Jim_color_cropped.jpgNow it’s time for something completely different.

In the current era of searching for “what’s next” for the media industry, James Gaines, a former managing editor at People, Time and Life magazines thinks he has found the answer in FLYP Media, an online, interactive publication that combines old fashioned journalism with video, audio, animation and all number of treats for the senses.

“This is where all story telling is going,” Gaines, who is FLYP’s editor-in-chief, told FishbowlNY recently. “We’re making the optimal user experience. You don’t just read the stories, you experience them.”

FLYP’s tagline, “more than a magazine,” says it all. Published since March 2008, FLYP has produced 35 issues, which are posted online and emailed to 20,000 subscribers. The publication is privately funded by Mexican multi-millionaire Alfonso Romo, so there is no advertising and subscribers get it for free. The magazine’s business model may change in the future, but right now Gaines has no plans to charge for its content.

Like other digital magazines, or the digital versions print magazines love to publish on their Web sites, FLYP does utilize virtual page turning. However, there is so much going on each page — from interactive videos to charts and displays to animation — you quickly realize that FLYP is unlike any other magazine you have ever experienced.

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