0816glamourblog.jpgSpecifically, dear Glamour preggers blogger Christine Coppa:

We didn’t mind it recently when you wrote us to promote your blog. It was a bit shameless, but we write a media blog… we’re used to it. But the next time you send out a promotional e-mail, check your spelling. Please?

From: christine coppa [mailto:REDACTED]
Sent: Wednesday, August 15, 2007 12:37 PM
To: mediabistro.com
Subject: mediabistro.com: General questions, comments, or crises

Hello Mediabistro.com Was wondering if you could plug my blog. I pen Storked! for Glamour.com. It was noted in WWD this week and has been also noted by Babble.com, thehuffingtonpost.com and gawker.com. Much apprecited. Christine M. Coppa

FBNY apprecites your e-mail as well, Christine.

— Neal Ungerleider