This week, The Atlantic hosted its fourth Women of Washington conversation, a series showcasing interviews with women making an impact in the fields of global health care, energy, and technology. Our sister site, FishbowlDC, provided a preview of the event, but since it was so far-reaching in its scope and included so many influential women, we decided to share a little bit about it right here.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg’s Margaret Carlson sat down with Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute [both pictured], to discuss STEM education and a secure American future. Event-goers included Elizabeth Baker Keffer, vice president of The Atlantic; Laura Adolfie, director of the STEM Development Office, United States Department of Defense; Frances Ashe-Goins, the acting director for the Office on Women’s Health, United States Department of Health and Human Services; Lorraine Cole, chief executive officer of the YWCA; Laurie Fenton-Ambrose, president and chief executive officer of the Lung Cancer Alliance; Leslie Fenwick, the dean of Howard University’s School of Education; Katrina Landis, BP Alternative Energy’s chief executive officer; Jenay Leach, an Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellow at NASA Headquarters; Argelia Rodriguez, the president and chief executive officer for the DC College Access Program; and Patty Stonesifer of the Smithsonian’s Board of Regents.

Enjoy more pictures from the event, after the jump.

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