29hoax.1902.jpgOne wonders if maybe it would be in Oprah‘s best interest to invest in her own memoir research department. Angel at the Fence the Holocaust memoir championed by Oprah and strongly defended by its publisher and agent has been canceled after the author admitted he’d lied about parts of his story.

In the memoir the author claimed he had met his wife of 50 years while imprisoned in a Nazi concentration camp, corresponding with her through the fence of the camp, only to reconnect with her some years later on a blind date. The claim was disputed by a number of Holocaust historians who said it would have been an impossibility “pointing out that, among other things, the layout of the camp would have prevented the pair from meeting at a fence.” Over the weekend the author, Herman Rosenblat, admitted he had fabricated the love story and the publisher Berkley Books, an imprint of Penguin, canceled the book, due to be published in February.

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