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Isaiah Washington Blames Patrick Dempsey on Larry King


On Larry King Live, Isaiah Washington blamed costar Patrick Dempsey’s repeated lateness on the Grey’s Anatomy set for setting off the ruckus that got Washington in big trouble. Breitbart’s got the video.)

Because as we all know, nothing sets a guy off like tardiness. Anyway, crew is waiting to shoot, Dempsey’s late, finally shows up and then holds up the shot because he wants Ellen Pompeo to be on the set, even though she’s off-camera, when he says his line. And Washington, who should have known better, says:

We’ve been standing here waiting on you here for 20 minutes.

He says, so he says, “Well, whatever. Whatever.” He blows me off, which was fine. And I said OK. This coverage is on us and time is ticking away. And we’re waiting on Ellen for off-camera.

And I said, “Well, why are we waiting on Ellen? I don’t need to wait on Ellen. We just have one line that he’ll say to you and then you can go on your way.”

Then he says, “Well, I need Ellen.”

And I said, “Well, I don’t need Ellen. I can act.”

And that’s when the fun started.

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Michael Ausiello Isn’t a Doctor, Plays One on TV


FBLA loves press releases. TV Guide’s hardworking Julie Farin alerted us to this groundbreaking morsel:

TV Guide’s ubiquitous columnist Michael Ausiello (Ask Ausiello, The Ausiello Report) makes a cameo appearance as an obstetrician on the NBC comedy Scrubs on Thursday, February 8 at 9 PM ET/PT, where he performs an ultrasound on Elizabeth Banks’ expectant Dr. Kim character in a scene that has “a cool trick ending,” according to Banks.

Does the trick involve handcuffs and a ball gag?

After wrapping the scene, the actress told Ausiello, “I felt like you were a real doctor. I mean, you’re wearing the outfit, you said all the right things…I was very impressed.”

Boy, is Banks easy to fool or what? Just get yourself some gel lubricant and a dingy scrub suit, and you can give her a pelvic, anytime, anyplace.

While on the set, Scrubs star Zach Braff told Ausiello that he may be open to the idea of a potential seventh season. “Everyone’s been procrastinating in making the decision–myself included,” he revealed. And what about the real name of the Janitor? Neil Flynn hinted, “We’re not going to find out until possibly the last episode.”

How about Isaiah? Isaiah Washington makes a good name for the janitor.

In The Trades



Kiss has launched a comic book company. The first title, Kiss 4K, will debut at the Wizard World convention in Los Angeles in March. The second title is expected to be Kiss Girls, which features four teenagers who

talk about shopping and are about as dysfunctional as anyone until something happens to them and they get to wear the Kiss makeup and look good doing it.

That’s a super-feat right there.

Former business opponents, Gail Berman and Lloyd Braun have formed a new multimedia production company, BermanBraun, a TV-focused production company with strong film and Internet components. But since Grey and Bob Iger don’t get along, and Berman is unlikely to make deals with Brad Grey and Paramount, look for this shop to end up at FOX, NBC-Uni or CBS.

Hollywod Reporter

ABC has cast Donny Osmond to host its newest reality series, The Great American Dream Vote. Eight deserving victims plead with audience to make their dream come true. Winner gets dream–loser gets Mormon underwear.

Ray Richmond doubts the efficacy of rehab for Isaiah Washington. Silly man, look what it’s done for Lindsay Lohan!

Advice For Grey’s Anatomy Scandal … From John Mayer

mayer_greys_anatomy.jpgJohn Mayer (“Your Body Is A Wonderland”) has taken a break from his hectic schedule of touring Jessica Simpson to weigh in on the Grey’s Anatomy/Isaiah Washington/”f-ggot”-slurring controversy on his blog. Seriously.

Mayer writes:

By now you’ve probably heard of the incredible tension and controversy on the set of TV’s hit series “Grey’s Anatomy”, involving a particularly unsavory homosexual slur allegedly made to a fellow castmate by actor Isaiah Washington. Gay and lesbian groups are outraged, calling for Mr. Washington’s immediate termination from the show.

Now, far be it from me to chime in on other people’s business, but just like the man standing in line for a movie overhears a stranger behind him whom he knows has confused the finer points of the film “Throw Mama From The Train” with those of “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot!”, sometimes you have to turn around and butt into a situation that doesn’t concern you in order to offer a little bit of assistance.

ABC may fire Mr. Washington, and it seems as if the pressure to do so is mounting by the day. They may also choose to placate all parties involved with some well-constructed press releases and the soothing touch of time, but in my mind, neither outcome succeeds in making any strides in promoting the tenets of tolerance and understanding.

I would like to offer my suggestion for a solution; produce an episode of Grey’s Anatomy in which Mr. Washington’s character, Dr. Burke comes out to his friends and colleagues as a gay man!!! What better way for an actor to get to the roots of his discrimination than by portraying the very the subject of his own ire for the remainder of his contract? That’ll learn ya!

In case any writers of the show happen to be reading, I have included some possible script excerpts that might help get this story line up and running.

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