fark.jpgIt may seem a little strange to see the nation’s top-selling print newspaper pairing with an online news aggregator and social networking site, but today’s announcement of a partnership between USA TODAY and Fark.com is just further proof of print’s ongoing quest to expand in the digital space.

Starting today, USATODAY.com’s Tech section will exclusively host and sponsor Fark’s Geek page, which in turn will feature USA TODAY content next to the wacky and weird geek headlines that Fark highlights daily. But beyond reaching out to a new audience sector, what is the ultimate goal of the pairing? Explains the paper’s publisher Jeff Webber:

“Like USA TODAY, Fark places deep value in its loyal community. Being able to share audience and content allows both USA TODAY and Fark to leverage each other’s strengths.”

Whether those strengths can translate to ad dollars or another source of revenue for USA TODAY — in order to keep the paper alive — seems unlikely, though.

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