usa today.pngJust a few weeks after his appointment as publisher of USA Today David Hunke visited New York with the paper’s new editor-in-chief John Hillkirk to talk to reporters about the pub’s outlook, its new digital and mobile initiatives and thoughts on the drama at The Boston Globe.

The nation’s most read paper is not immune from the pressures of economy, having recently laid of four ad staffers on top of imposing furloughs and possible wage cuts and salary freezes.

Hunke said that he couldn’t promise that there would not be additional cuts at USA TODAY but he did seem hopeful that the worst might be behind the newspaper. “But the third and fourth quarter are going to be tough,” he said. “And that’s just as far as anyone can see right now.”

He did add that “there are no sacred cows,” meaning that no one is really safe. “It’s our goal to attract and retain talent. [Publications] that don’t do that are going to have the toughest future,” Hunke added.

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