As we wait for Merlin Media to offer its final version of 101.9 FM (WEMP), how about a look down memory lane at 101.9 through the years?

Of course, recent history means Alternative Rocker WRXP, which took ownership of the frequency starting in 2008.

But 101.9 goes back to the 1940s with WGHF for its first owner William G. Finch. After having the station since 1945, Finch moved the station to its new home at 101.9 in 1947.  A year later, it became the New York City affiliate for the Rural Radio Network.

In 1955, the first of several sales took place as 101.9 was handed over to Muzak. The call letters changed as well to WBFM.

WBFM and its elevator music lived on 101.9 through the Kennedy years. In 1964, the frequency enjoyed the start of some of its most successful radio stations.  

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