mass_appeal_trick_fbny.jpgMass Appeal — the New York-based magazine whose founder, Patrick Elasik, was electrocuted in 2005 while attempting to cross subway tracks in New York — had been running a regular column by R.A. the Rugged Man, a Suffolk County-based rapper. He missed a deadline by two weeks and then stopped returning associate editor Jay Riggio‘s phone calls. Riggio eventually tracked R.A down on Thanksgiving Day at his family’s home. On the phone, things were a tad, uh, contentious between R.A. and his editor.

“Since R.A. declined to give us a column, we decided to transcribe the shitty conversation I had with him and publish it,” Riggio explained. The following should serve as a cautionary tale to you deadline-conscious magazine editors out there who are thinking about employing celebrity rappers as columnists:

R.A., we need your article now. The deadline was two weeks ago.

I told you I don’t have time for this shit. I’m making a movie right now and I’m getting ready to go into production and everything is a fucking mess. Plus it’s Thanksgiving, what the fuck are you calling me for? Who gave you this number? You got no respect, I should punch you in your fucking face. I’m here with my family. My father says I suck at writing and wants to know what you clowns want from me.

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