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Questions: About FBC, Tucker, Star, Paula…

> How close are we to a Fox Business Channel announcement, really?

> So Joe and Rita are switching spots on MSNBC. How does Tucker Carlson feel?

> Did anyone else cringe when Star Jones subbed for Larry King this week?

> Why has CNN stuck Paula Zahn in front of a green screen? “Most of the segments” on Now “are done with a green screen type wall behind Paula playing video and or showing graphics,” a viewer notes.

> Is CNN 360 EP Will Surratt moving to CNBC?

> Is Al Jazeera International pondering a name change? Could they drop the “International?”

> An e-mailer wants to know: “How have the ratings been at Good Morning America Weekend since EP Green was suspended?”

Questions: At The End Of A Whirlwind Week

> Why haven’t we heard from Dan Rather yet? How does he feel about Katie Couric‘s new job?

> Is Campbell Brown enjoying her honeymoon?

> When Campbell’s contract is up “as soon as next year,” what network will she move to?

> Jeff Zucker courted Vieira in October. She had dinner with Matt Lauer in December. How did it stay so quiet until February, when TMZ broke the news?

> Is O’Brien in “American Mourning?” She had a good thing going at NBC, anchoring Weekend Today and contributing to the weekday show, before moving to CNN in 2003. “She would have had the seniority and support the current crop of ‘Today’ co-hosts didn’t have,” a tipster notes…

> Could CNN’s Soledad O’Brien or FNC’s Linda Vester replace Meredith Vieira on The View?

> This blogger says: What if Comedy Central launched a morning show?

Questions… Looking For Answers

Answers? E-mail or use the tip box…

> Would ABC News like to snag CNN morning host Daryn Kagan for Good Morning America?

> Did CBS Early Show anchor Rene Syler recently have lunch with Jeff Zucker?

> Is this tip accurate?: “BBC World News recently reached agreement to be carried by Cablevision in the U.S. (New York area) in late April.”

> Is Court TV debuting a new on-air look next week? An e-mailer says to expect “new state-of-the-art graphics and music and yet more tweaks to the daytime show lineup.”

> Why did CNN shake up its D.C. correspondent lineup last week? Doesn’t it handicap the reporters and their relationships with sources? And why won’t CNN dedicate a new reporter to the State Department? With Andrea Koppel gone, the network will have a rotating team of correspondents covering the beat…

> An e-mailer wonders: “When did Diane Sawyer last do a piece for ‘Primetime,’ which she ‘co-anchors?’” Update: 4:54pm: Another e-mailer says: “Sawyer has three major pieces coming up for Primetime, she anchors Good Morning America every weekday and did double duty during the month of February on World News Tonight. How much can one person do?”

Questions: About Headline Prime, FNC’s Ratings, MSNBC’s Daytime…

> Have the suits at Headline News decided on a new schedule for Headline Prime? What time slot is Glenn Beck taking? How will it effect Showbiz Tonight?

> An e-mailer asks about the video APTN obtained this week: “Which two NETWORK and CABLE outlets had the Bush/FEMA briefing tape and transcript and sat on them for these six months?” Is this true?… Update: 1:50pm: An anonymous tipster says “APTN fed the FEMA tape — it was a FEMA handout — on August 28. Every network that is a client had that tape but never understood its significance.”

> Granted, Daily Kos isn’t fair and balanced about Fox News. (And insert caveat here about FNC being the #1 cable news network.) But the numbers don’t lie: O’Reilly is down 21 percent, H&C are down 17 percent, and Greta is down 22 percent compared to Feb. 2005. What is FNC doing about it?

> Let’s assume this TMZ story (which put tongues in a tizzy yesterday) is false. What is happening dayside on MSNBC? Is Monica Crowley still getting her own show, and if so, when?

Who Said It?: “Knowledgeable Morning Show Observer”

Here’s a lovely Monday morning item for Ben Sherwood to wake up to:
“Looks like the knives are out for Good Morning America executive producer Ben Sherwood, with television insiders predicting that he’ll be kicked out – or upstairs – in the near future,” Lloyd Grove gossips.

(But David Westin says “Ben Sherwood is not being kicked anywhere…I have complete confidence in Ben Sherwood.”)

So it’s time for another round of WHO SAID IT?! Grove notes that GMA spent two and a half minutes at the top of Friday’s show to tout ABC’s Super Bowl coverage “before even mentioning mass drownings in the Red Sea.”

“That was a joke, a f-ing embarrassment,” a knowledgeable morning show observer tells Grove. “Charlie Gibson and Robin Roberts wearing ‘GMA’ football uniforms while a thousand people drown? How can you put Charlie in such a terrible position? There’s a little sense of chaos and free fall over there.”

Questions: About Sawyer, Gibson, Harris, Roberts, Crowley, Keteyian & More…

> When will Diane Sawyer and Charlie Gibson begin co-anchoring World News Tonight? Update: 11:57pm: Next week.

> Should ABC dedicate anchor Dan Harris to the 3pm World News Now webcast? He’s been an excellent, Web-friendly sub this week…

> Why would CBS News correspondent John Roberts give up the Sunday anchor chair and the White House beat for a straight correspondent’s job at CNN? What was he promised? Late Edition? 7 p.m.?

> Who will replace Roberts on Sunday’s CBS Evening News? Will Russ Mitchell anchor Saturday and Sunday?

> Per Page Six, when is Monica Crowley‘s new show scheduled to launch on MSNBC?

> Is Sean McManus moving Armen Keteyian to CBS News, as FTV hears? What would the former ABC News correspondent report on?

Questions: About Zucker’s Dateline Decision, High Net Worth, CBS & More

> Is this tipster correct?: “Even Steve Capus didn’t know about the Dateline move to Saturday. Jeff Zucker didn’t have the decency to tell him…”

> A tipster says CNBC’s High Net Worth has averaged just 16,000 in the 25-54 demo since its launch in September. How low can you go?

> Did FNC’s Rick Leventhal enjoy his bachelor party over the weekend? I hear the crowd included some Marines that Rick met while he was embedded in Iraq…

> Could we see more primetime specials from CBS News in the future? “I was at a meeting with our executive producers last week, and three executive producers came to me with ideas for primetime specials on the network,” Sean McManus mentioned at press tour last week…

Questions: About Headline News, Court TV, The Today Show, & More

> Via Variety, who were some of the “dozens of news personalities” Headline News screen tested to “find someone with enough TV charisma” for a new hourlong show?

> Along with the new schedule, Court TV is adding newsbreaks called “Headlines” beginning today. An e-mailer says: “I wonder if that relates to the rumors that Time Warner is taking over the network soon?”

> Is this tipster correct?: “Folks at NBC are whispering that Colleen Halpin is outta the Today Show, where she arrived with much fanfare from the now-defunct Jane Pauley show…” Update: 11:51am: “Halpin is out definitely,” another tipster says. “She’s staying on to work at NBC Specials with Brokaw apparently but gone from Today.”

> “Good news at CBS News” is becoming conventional wisdom. Step into NBC’s shoes for a moment: Are you more worried about ABC or CBS? Update: 11:50am: An e-mailer responds: “”CBS News is simply digging itself out of the hole that Dan Rather dug for them. Its evening newscast has ‘grown’ in the ratings only because it is finally beginning to recover from the ratings cliff-dive of Rathergate. CBS News has a long, long, long way to go before it begins to challenge ABC News let alone NBC News.”

> How was week two of Maury & Connie? Did they “team up to get your weekend started out in the wrongest way imaginable?”

Questions: About Guilfoyle, Matthews, Bennett, And GMA’s New Meteorologist

Have answers, or a question you want asked? Drop ‘em in the tip box…

> Today is Kimberly Guilfoyle‘s last day at Court TV; When will she start hosting The Line Up on FNC?

> Who is in the running for Tony Perkins‘ old job at GMA? He’s been gone for five weeks, and there haven’t been any rumors about his replacement yet… Update: 5pm: “Haven’t they been using Mike Barz? Which is strange because this guy knows nothing more about the weather than the average joe.”

> Why hasn’t Chris Matthews been in the anchor chair during MSNBC’s coverage of the Alito hearings as the network promised?

> It’s been more a one year after CNBC implemented its stock ownership policy. “There hasn’t been word of anyone getting “caught” still owning stocks (non-GE),” an e-mailer says. Doesn’t that seem hard to believe?

> Is Bill Bennett still coming to CNN? Update: 5pm: It’s 100 percent, a tipster says, but the “when” is still unclear…

Questions: About Couric, Brown, Rosenwasser, Cole…

> Has Katie Couric made up her mind yet? Why isn’t she anchoring the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in February?

> Is this anonymous tipster serious?: “Aaron Brown in talks to move to 60 Minutes next fall.”

> Why is Marc Rosenwasser, the executive editor of Dateline NBC, leaving the network? (He’s been #2 for 14 years.) How do staffers feel about Liz Cole‘s promotion? NBC doesn’t comment on personnel matters…

> Why did FNC recently introduce “Fox RealTime,” a flashy news update with “some of the stories we’re following in real time?”

> Now that Mark Hoffman has toyed with the 4 to 10am block on CNBC, what’s going to happen to the rest of the business day?