Attention New Yorkers: if you take the shuttle between Grand Central terminal and the 42 St. Times Square stations, you will be bombarded by baseball.

The MTA will be wrapping the interior and exteriors of the shuttle train with MLB on TBS advertising, including giant action shots of players like Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Cliff Lee and Evan Longoria.

Inside, in what is being described as a first for the New York City Subway system, video screens inside the cars will promote the network’s playoff coverage during the short ride.

“Postseason in New York is always a big moment for sports fans, and this is an opportunity to excite the local fan base and launch a campaign that highlights iconic players in local markets,” said Christina Miller, senior vice president, Turner Sports Strategy/Marketing/Programming in a statement.

Sorry Mets fans, it looks like you will have to be a passive observer on this one. Maybe the subway will get that oversized R.A. Dickey cutout next year…

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