Kelly081110.jpgVariety television critic Brian Lowry has his sights set on Fox News for his latest column, “Fox’s Summer of Fear.’

Lowry is no stranger to TV news criticism, and has set his sights on the News Corp. network before, saying that hosts like Glenn Beck embrace the “wackadoodle demographic.”

This time, Lowry argues that FNC has been busy spending its Summer drumming up concern over largely trivial issues:

As the original home of the “news alerts” (which usually aren’t alerting us to breaking news), Fox News under CEO Roger Ailes has been adept at tapping into deep-seated concerns. And in order to powerfully connect with core viewers, it’s not enough to disagree with President Obama’s policies; rather, they must be couched as an existential threat to U.S. society.

He also comes up with a cable news take on “if it bleeds, leads,” which he calls “if it scares, it airs” Update: Or not?:

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