odonnell091610.bmpBy now, any avid TV news viewer should know the name Christine O’Donnell. The newly-minted Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate seat in Delaware has been all over the news networks, which have been covering her upset win over Mike Castle.

Today, Politico has a story comprised entirely of ex O’Donnell aides–mostly from her failed 2008 Senate bid–bashing their former boss.

One of those staffers was Alan Moore, who currently works for the conservative website Townhall.com (Update: Jonathan Garthwaite from Townhall.com says that Moore’s comments do not in any way reflect those of the site. His statemenmt is after the jump). Moore tells Politico that O’Donnell was more interested in a TV gig than actually holding office:

Moore, who first decided to volunteer for O’Donnell after hearing about her at a meeting of college Republicans, said that at one point, O’Donnell talked to him about winning a lucrative television contract with CNN or Fox News Channel.

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