margarita_4-9.jpgToday we spoke with Margarita Simonyan, the Editor-in-Chief of government-funded Russia Today. She took the position a few years ago when she was only 25-years-old. “I think [my youth] does give me a different perspective on the world,” she says. “People my age or younger are more globally oriented.”

The goal of Russia Today as an English-language international news organization is, as she puts it, “to bring the word about Russia to the world and to make the world more familiar with what this country is all about.”

In addition to the network itself, she explains that Russia Today offers a free service to deliver broadcast-quality footage to other news organizations. Right now, she says her subscribers include ABC News, CNN, and FOX. RT reporters also appear on other networks when major events are happening, like the recent explosions in Moscow. “I would switch on CNN, ABC, NBC and see our little green logo on the monitors,” she said. “And they kept calling and asking our correspondents to go on live.”

Our took place the same day ABC’s George Stephanopoulos anchored “GMA” from St. Petersburg. We asked for her take on differences between the American and Russian TV news medias.

“American tv news is much more sophisticated,” she tells us. “I think that American TV networks, it looks like, they invest a lot into news. When something big happens and you see those broadcasts obviously done from a helicopter — or helicopters — this is something we haven’t been doing yet in Russia because the TV companies are investing a lot into shows.”

Of course, there are certain stigmas about news organizations in Russia and Simonyan tells us that there are a lot of misconceptions about the country’s media.

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