HLN has named Philippa Holland EP of “Issues with Jane Velez-Mitchell.” “Flip,” as she is known to her colleagues, has worked at Turner for 18 years, including as a producer on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and “In the Arena.”

In a memo to staff, HLN senior VP Bill Galvin cited Holland’s experience as being a natural fit for the position. She will be based in New York

Given the dual-city nature of this show, Flip will be based in NY with Jane, and will work closely with Senior Producer Jennifer Williams, who will continue to oversee daily Atlanta-based production. A sincere ‘thank you’ goes out to Jennifer – or JWill as she is more widely known – who has taken on added responsibilities over the past several months (and rightly points out that she and Flip form a great duo based on nicknames alone!)‬

Galvin’s full memo is after the jump.

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