With the Major League Baseball playoffs underway and the NBA regular season right around the corner, Turner Sports anchor Matt Winer realizes this is the reason why he left ESPN for Turner Sports.

“The way my schedule works, I get to do the best of both,” Winer said on the opportunity to cover the MLB playoffs and the NBA. He joined Turner Sports earlier this year and serves primarily as a studio host on NBA TV along with contributing to coverage of Major League Baseball, NASCAR and the PGA Tour.

Winer took time out on Wednesday from his duties as the studio host of TBS’ exclusive coverage of the 2010 MLB League Division Series to chat with SportsNewser.

SportsNewser: How did the decision to leave ESPN for Turner Sports come about?

Matt Winer: The usual way that these things come about; people talk to agents and agents talk to me. We interview and decide what makes the most sense for me. I could have gone back to ESPN. They had made me an offer to stay. I had a great run there, nine years. This made more sense in a lot of ways. Not the least of which, I had been doing so many NBA shows there and that’s obviously a big part of the portfolio here. It just sort of came together.

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