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What Job Seekers Really Think About Your Company

64% of job seekers research a company after viewing a job posting, but before submitting an application.

What they see online is a deciding factor in whether they apply for your job, or keep looking.

Is your company a scandal magnet, underpaying and overworking employees, with out-of-control management and a culture of discrimination?

Or is your company a great place to work, with awesome bosses and happy, well-compensated employees who have plenty of room for growth?

Here are the places job seekers try to find that information… and what you can do to put your best foot forward.

Your company’s website

What job seekers want to see:

  • The kind of work that you do—interesting projects and clients
  • Information about you they can use in an interview
  • What it’s like to work there

What you can do:

  • Create a specific page on your company’s website directly aimed at job seekers that are filled with useful content, including video
  • Make sure a person arriving at your home page can navigate to your job listings or job seeker information page in two clicks or less
  • Link to your job seeker information page from job listings and social media

Your company’s social media channels

What job seekers want to see:

  • Active pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram (at the very least)
  • Recent postings (within the last day)
  • A healthy amount of followers/friends/fans that says “we’re well-liked!”
  • Employees engaging with the brand’s content

What you can do:

  • Post recruiting-related content at least once a week across multiple channels
  • Post job listings, share photos from around the office and make short videos of staff enrichment activities
  • Tag your employees and encourage them to interact with content

Employees’ social media channels

What job seekers want to see:

  • What their future boss/co-worker might be like
  • Employees who are so excited about their work, they share it on social
  • Photos, videos, and text that show the company culture

What you can do:

  • Amend your company’s social media policy to make it okay for staff to talk about work online
  • Give employees an HR-specific hashtag to mark posts that might be interesting to job seekers
  • Repost that content on your company’s primary social feeds

Google search results

What job seekers want to see:

  • A healthy amount of search hits
  • Positive content and articles about your company by respected sources
  • No scandals or troubling news coverage

What you can do:

  • Fold HR into your company’s PR machine
  • Seek out interview opportunities with respected news sources
  • Write your own content, discussing workplace issues and how you maintain a positive company culture

Employee review websites

What job seekers want to see:

  • Salary information
  • Honest reviews from current and former employees—the positive and the negative

What you can do:

  • Don’t try to hide salary information
  • Keep an ear to the ground to address employee workplace problems before they start
  • Don’t wait until employees have left the company or have something negative to say—encourage them to write reviews while they’re happily employed

Above all, keep tabs on all of the channels listed here so you can spot any potential issues.

A bad workplace review… a bitter ex-employee on social media… a negative news article… these things all affect how job seekers think of you.

Make sure your company puts its best digital foot forward.

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