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Nobody saw social media jobs coming… now they’re commonplace in every industry. What will be the unexpected Jobs of the Future


11 Jobs of the Future that HR Should Know About Today


What roles will you be hiring in the future? Two recent articles present interesting ideas about what new jobs we can expect to see in ten or twenty years. But—just like nobody could have predicted the rise of social media jobs—expect the future to be full of surprises.

First, Sci-fi writer Max Gladstone partnered with business card design website Moo to imagine six jobs of the future. Do you foresee any of these coming into play in your workplace?

1. Personal Reality Designer

With the rise of augmented reality and VR, it’s only a matter of time before we need professional designers to create virtual worlds for personal (as well as commercial) use.

2. Cloud Cleaner

A Cloud Cleaner “scrapes your personal data off the internet, protecting you from doxxing and surveillance,” says Gladstone. They’ll help you get rid of unwanted photos, accounts, news stories or anything else you can think of.

3. Pirate Radio Jockey

As Gladstone explains it, “As the internet becomes closely monitored, resisters and agitators will return to FM radio to tell their story.” To us, this sounds more like a volunteer role than a paid position—can you imagine writing a job description or holding an interview for this? But it’s intriguing nonetheless.

4. Home Cyberneticist

When all our homes become smart homes, we’ll need Home Cyberneticists to “build your interconnected super-house safely and securely.” Let’s hope they come up with a better way to clean your bathroom and dampen the sound of noisy neighbors.

5. Digital Archaeologist

Archaeology will be a whole different ballgame in the future. Digital Archaeologists will unearth ancient data from defunct systems. With technology changing faster and faster, these specially trained excavators will make sure information isn’t lost to the ages.

6. Fashion Programmer

Someday, fashion brands won’t make clothing in “sizes.” They’ll make clothes to custom fit your body. Fashion Programmers will “3D print a made-to-measure version of anything on your Pinterest board.” (Of course, Pinterest may be long gone by then.)

Continuing the list is Glamour Magazine contributor Caroline O’Donoghue with more “future-proof” careers. They include:

7. AI Personality Writer

Content writers are in high demand; it’s no surprise that we’ll soon have writers crafting artificial intelligence responses. Part psychologist, part screenwriter, AI Personality Writers may someday replace Content Creators as our media landscape’s most ubiquitous role.

8. Climate change reversal specialist

Climate Change Reversal Specialists will be scientists, engineers, and big thinkers with out of the box ideas to prevent the negative effects of climate change, strengthen damaged ecosystems and protect the planet in ways we can’t even imagine.

9. Internet/social media lawyer

“With 5.8 million cybercrimes a year and Facebook and Twitter incidents reported every 45 minutes, lawyers dealing with these will be a hot commodity,” O’Donoghue writes. Lawyers of tomorrow will need to know the ins and outs of law as it applies to social media, trolling, online bullying, doing, identity theft and more.

10. Pharmer

“Pharmer” is how O’Donoghue describes next-level farmers who combine agriculture with technology to overcome environmental challenges like climate change and water shortages. Think genetically engineered livestock, crops that cure diseases and hydroponic vertical farming.

11. Prosthetics technician

Engineers and designers will join forces to create a super-smart generation of prosthetics. Imagine artificial body parts or implantable devices that can be controlled by your brain, made of responsive materials that haven’t been invented yet.

What roles will your workplace need in the next ten years?