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Revolving Door Newsletter: 07.10.12
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Revolving Door Newsletter: 03.27.12
Murdoch Leaves Another Board; Times Offers New Terms

So What Do You Do, Jeff Jarvis, Author Of What Would Google Do?
Inspired by Google's approach to business, this new media luminary describes how journalists can take advantage of the innovation offered by the Internet.

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What Is A Social Journalism Degree? CUNY Is Trying to Answer That Question - Posted April 30, 2014
In the endless discussion on the value of a journalism degree, the question, "Are we teaching young journalists the right things the right ways?" always seems to surface.... [10,000 Words]

Uncertain Future for AOL's Patch - Posted December 30, 2013
By now, most media pundits and journalism wonks have all but concluded their somewhat premature postmortems on what exactly went wrong at Patch, AOL's network of local news and information sites. Although the company's problems had been mounting for several years, the combination of major lay... [10,000 Words]

The Future of Content: Takeaways from the Council of PR Firms 'Content Frenzy' Event - Posted October 29, 2013
Content is the future of public relations--but do we really want to enter such a "shitty business?" Content is the best way to reach the audiences our clients value most--but we can't follow the media industry "over the cliff" Our core competencies are in storytelling and ear... [FishbowlDC]

Required Reading for the Digital Newsroom - Posted February 28, 2013
There was a huge media event this weekend, and I'm not talking about the Oscars. It was when NASCAR took to YouTube and had a fan video of a crash taken down, in the name of the DMCA. The posted video, showin... [10,000 Words]

Video: The Impact Of Twitter On Journalism - Posted November 17, 2012
PBS Arts Off Book put out this interesting, short video this week with some thoughts from a few leading minds in the digital journalism sphere (including Mark Luckie, the 10,000 Words founder and current manager of journalism and news at Twitter). The subject is all about how Twitter has impacted journalism... [10,000 Words]

Twitter's Erica Anderson Shares Best Twitter Practices For Newsrooms - Posted September 23, 2011
BOSTON -- Following a number of recent high profile hackings of newsroom Twitter accounts, Twitter's Erica Anderson on Friday shared tips to prevent future hackings from happening--and what to do if your account is hacked. Speaking at the 2011 Online News Association Conference, Anderson (@EricaAmerica), Twitter's manag... [10,000 Words]

Jeff Jarvis Launches a Hashtag, Tapping Into Anger and Dropping Major F Bombs - Posted July 26, 2011
Looks like I wasn't the only one angry while watching the dueling addresses last night from President Obama and Speaker of the House ... [FishbowlDC]

Only One More Day to Get the Early Bird Discount for the Startup Boot Camp - Posted June 13, 2011
Tomorrow is the last day to get the early bird rates for mediabistro's Startup Boot Camp, taking place July 12 through August 30. This online conference and workshop will offer attendees keynote speeches, networking opportunities, and how-tos for creating a business plan for a startup company. Among the speakers are ... [FishbowlDC]

'Today, We Announce An Historic Change In How We Do Business' - Posted June 23, 2010
The Tallahassee Democrat is putting up a paywall, but you might not know it from reading its article about the change. As Jeff Jarvis noted on Twitter, the paper took ten paragraphs to get to the point. ... [MediaJobsDaily]

The FCC's Embedded Journalist Is Really a Spokesman - Posted May 6, 2010
On Monday night the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) senior advisor to the chairman Steve Waldman tried out the agency's "Reboot" message on a tough crowd: regulation averse digerati from Silicon Alle... [FishbowlDC]

Is There Such Thing As A Twitter Influencer? - Posted April 2, 2010
Earlier this year we wrote, somewhat seriously, about people like Kim Kardashian getting paid thousands of dollars to tweet about advertisers' products. According to a Yahoo! research scientist, that money might be better spent elsewhere. Which means if you were thinking ab... [MediaJobsDaily]

Should We Stop Using the Term Influencer? - Posted April 2, 2010
One of the most popular buzz words to pop up in PR and marketing circles over the last several years is "influencer." In one sense, the term's popularity can be tied to the rise of social media, which led to PR pros having to "pitch" people who don't fit into any... [FishbowlDC]

Interview: Courtney Barnes, Co-Author, Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communications - Posted October 29, 2009
"They can't not participate," says Courtney Barnes when it comes to companies and social media. Barnes, former editor of PR News and now Vice President and Director of MH Group Communications is the co-author of Digital Strategies for Powerful Corporate Communicat... [FishbowlDC]

Obama Admin to Newspapers: 'Drop Dead' - Posted July 29, 2009
USA Today's The Oval caught this: The Department of Homeland Security "is consolidating subscriptions to professional publications and newspapers, and, where possible, encouraging the use of free online publications rather than purchase the print version." Anticipated sa... [FishbowlLA]

Copyright Law Advocates Clear Everything Up. No Really. - Posted July 9, 2009
The how-to-save-newspapers-by-changing-copyright-law storm is still swirling around the blogosphere, and now two of the instigators want to clear everything up. First, a little history: It started with judge Richard Posner's proposal to give news outlets a monopoly on their scoops by banning others fro... [MediaJobsDaily]

Did Internet Kill The Newspaper - Posted April 10, 2009
The debate rages on in publications across the journalism field. Everyone wants to know: A)How to save newspapers and B) Who is to blame for the crisis newspapers are in right now. At the American Journalism Review, journalist John Morton has one word to say about the death of newspapers: Internet!... [MediaJobsDaily]

Newspapers Screwed Up, Says Jeff Jarvis - Posted April 9, 2009
Newspapers are really, really sorry that they have to now undergo all these layoffs. At least that's what they say in every press release, but Jeff Jarvis tells the Huffington Post today that it's actually all they're fault that their in this crisis right now. You've had 20 years since... [MediaJobsDaily]

Jarvis to Newspaper Publishers: "You Blew It" - Posted April 8, 2009
BuzzMachine's Jeff Jarvis has stirred up the it's-too-late-to-save-the-newspaper pot. More than 80 people have commented on his post from yesterday titled, "The speech the NAA should hear." The NAA, or Newspaper Asssociation of America is meeting in San Diego this week. Jarvis' summation to the newspaper publishers: "You blew it." I'm not... [WebNewser -]

Jeff Jarvis: Stop the Press(es)! - Posted December 22, 2008
The BuzzMachine himself, Jeff Jarvis has a worthwhile piece on Huffpo today, titled "L.A. Times: Turn Off Your Presses": But what if, once past ban... [FishbowlLA]

Jarvis: 'Zell Is Not Your Problem. You Are.' - Posted September 25, 2008
Jeff Jarvis goes on a surprising attack -- not against Sam Zell and the Tribune Co., but against the former and current LAT staffers who are ... [FishbowlLA]

Amanda Congdon On Virginia Tech, New Media - Posted April 20, 2007
ABC , cranky about NBC's popularity, stifles any lingering sense of journalistic integrity, and offers up Amanda "Rocketbazooms" Congdon on ... [FishbowlLA]

Portfolio--Here, There and Everywhere - Posted April 16, 2007
Portfolio, Conde Nast's new business magazine, has officially launched. Senior writer Amy Wallace (formerly with the LA Times) profiles Relativity Media's Ryan Kavanaugh, a ... [FishbowlLA]

Jeff Jarvis, Amanda Congdon and DuPont: Miracle of Science or Lack of Ethics? - Posted March 21, 2007
Jeff Jarvis is just as pleased as punch that he was able to snag Amanda "Rocketbazooms" Congdon for those DuPont infotainmericals... [FishbowlLA]

Jeff Jarvis Wants to Remix News War - Posted March 5, 2007
Jeff Jarvis continues the war over Frontline's News War with a cheeky suggestion: But what would be truly innovative would be to make all their footage available-- something I challenged to do when I was intereviewed--so we c... [FishbowlLA]

Chris Brogan Explains the Future of Internet TV: He's It - Posted January 18, 2007
FBLA picked on Chris Brogan at Life Hack, impling he was just another blogigolo. Turns out he's an internet-TV mogul in the making, at He... [FishbowlLA]