Avis Discount

AvantGuild members get Avis Association discounts on car rentals!

Your Avis discounts

Rates & Reservations
Request a rate, create, modify, review or cancel a reservation. As an AG member, you will be given the lowest rate available.

Member Savings
When you rent from Avis, you can take advantage of year-round savings! Avis offers AvantGuild members great money-saving coupons on top of special weekend, weekly and monthly rates. Simply present a printed coupon with your next rental to save.

Avis Preferred
Discover a faster and simpler way to travel with Avis Preferred Service - available at nearly 1,400 locations worldwide. Your reservations will be faster, and we'll have your car and rental document waiting for you when you arrive. Plus, you'll enjoy amenities like our newest cars, door-to-door directions, local weather information and help with your luggage; and a free copy of The Wall Street Journal at major U.S. airport locations.

How to receive your discount

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