50 Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing

The ultimate list of tips & tricks to boost and maintain your creativity



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Welcome to 50 Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing

Ever just sit there and stare at the screen or feel like you have nothing to contribute to a brainstorm?  You're not alone.  Creativity seems to come in waves and doesn't abide by project deadlines or client needs.  Fortunately, you don't have to be at the mercy of the mysterious ways of creative flow. This course gives you 50 (YES 50!) ways to break through your creative blocks and keep the genius pouring out of you.  Organized in 10 categories, the list covers everything from brainstorming techniques to tiny tips in self-care—it's a generous list of suggestions that will enable you to bust out of your rut and keep on creatively creating.  

Skills You Will Learn

6 things that stop us from being creative

Suggestions to make connections with others

How to change your mindset when being creative

Using "devil's advocate" as your creative harness

Why embracing failure is among your best creative tools

Harnessing emotions to be creative

Using (versus running from) fear

Ways to reconnect with your body to get in touch with creativity

Change your environment to reignite ideas

Suggestions for collaboration

Session 1

50 Ways to Get Your Creativity Flowing

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