Copywriting for Video

Script commercials, video ads and marketing content



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Welcome to Copywriting for Video

Copywriters today are tasked with storytelling in all sorts of formats, the most popular now being video. This course will take you from video zero to hero in under 35 minutes by walking you through the foundations of writing smart copy for video. You'll learn how to write multiple script formats, incorporate audio and visual elements into your script, key lingo and production jargon to get you comfortable talking with content producers, and even give you templates to jumpstart your next project. By the end, you'll be confident to add video copywriting to your expanding repertoire of writing skills, upping your level as a desirable creative to compete in today's tough job market. 

Skills You Will Learn

Broadcast and production lingo

The hallmarks of great video copywriting

Elements of and how to write a script treatment

Master 1-column and 2-column scripts

Basic format for screenplay scripts

How to incorporate audio and visual elements into your scripts

Session 1

How to Script Commercials, Video Ads and Marketing Content

  • Lesson 1: Video Stats Copywriters Should Know
  • Lesson 2: Lingo
  • Lesson 3: How to Write a Great Video Script
  • Lesson 4: Script Templates and Downloads
  • Lesson 5: Recap
0h 34
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