Copywriter Fundamentals: How Copy Gets Made and the Copywriter’s Process

Get insider info about the copywriting process and how ad agencies work



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Welcome to Copywriter Fundamentals: How Copy Gets Made and the Copywriter's Process

What happens in-between a client needing an ad and an ad actually getting made? How is copy created? In this course, you’ll learn the steps of the advertising creative process and the copywriting process from start to finish.

This course is Part 2 of the Copywriter Fundamentals Series.

Skills You Will Learn

Understand the 12-step ad agency process to create collateral, from client request, internal review to going live

Learn the 13-step copywriter process, from brainstorming, doing a clarity/brevity pass, to getting approval

Techniques you can immediately apply to revise and improve your writing

How to brainstorm solo, with a few people or a full creative team

Use the included Brainstorming Techniques worksheet which features 21 strategies to help generate new ideas, give brainstorming sessions structure and provide a creative boost

What to do after copy goes live and why it’s important to “follow the copy”

Session 1

Copywriter Fundamentals: How Copy Gets Made and The Copywriter's Process

  • Lesson 1: How Copy Gets Made
  • Lesson 2: The Copywriter's Process
0h 53m
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