Copywriter Fundamentals: What Is Copy?

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Welcome to Copywriter Fundamentals: What Is Copy?

If you’re a copywriter (or aspiring copywriter), this course will guide you through the foundational knowledge you will need to write copy that converts into clicks, shares and sales.

This course is Part 1 of the Copywriter Fundamentals Series.

Skills You Will Learn

Define and identify copy in a variety of formats and platforms

Understand the 6 hallmarks of successful copy, including staying on brand, being goal oriented and memorable

Understand the roles and responsibilities typically assigned to copywriters (hint: it’s a lot more than “just” writing copy)

What you’ll need (and won’t need) to succeed, including the Four C’s of a quality copywriter

Reasons to consider a career in copywriting

Bonus Material: Copywriter Glossary which features 25 terms and concepts to give yourself an advantage when applying for copywriter jobs

Session 1

Copywriter Fundamentals: What Is Copy?

  • Lesson 1: What is Copywriting?
  • Lesson 2: What is a Copywriter?
0h 55m
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