Inclusive Editing

Editing for respectful cultural and social representation of marginalized groups



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Welcome to Inclusive Editing

If you're producing or reviewing content of any kind—print, digital, broadcast, or otherwise—you need this course. In less than 30 minutes, you will be armed with the ability to go beyond typical editing and instead, heighten your awareness to language that can be exclusive and even harmful.

Learn from a copyediting pro how to ensure your content is fully representative, inclusive and respectful of marginalized groups, including proper terminology and guidelines for diverse sourcing. You’ll become an even sharper editor and content creator, ready to tackle today’s most relevant content with confidence and total awareness. 

Skills You Will Learn

Defining inclusive editing for yourself and for your team

Three methods of inclusive editing: self-identification, diverse sourcing and deconstructing defaults

Identifying nuances in different ways the same content is presented and how it can skew perception of your readers/viewers

Best sourcing practices: diversity in sourcing, looking for patterns and questions to ask yourself while editing

Identify the most commonly used descriptions that can cause harm in categories like age, gender, race and ethnicity, plus how to fix them

Session 1

Inclusive Editing

0h 27m
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