Multimedia Copyediting

What you need to know to edit dynamic content



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Welcome to Multimedia Copyediting

This short course is your guide to copyediting dynamic content like social media, videos, images, banner ads, and so much more. Our resident copyediting expert will take you through the differences and similarities of editing multimedia content versus traditional flat content, and what you should look out for with each kind. These lessons will help fine tune your editing eye and expand your editing skillset to apply to a greater variety of content, making you the hero of your editing team. 

Skills You Will Learn

Different types of multimedia content such as images, tweets and social posts, banner ads, television chirons, and more

What unique elements to look for when editing each type of content so you don't miss any important details

Differences between print, flat and multimedia content so you can easily transition from one editing task to another in your day-to-day

How to create rules for editing multimedia content (and know when to break them)

Resources to consider when building your library of tools

Session 1

Multimedia Copyediting

  • Lesson 1: What's Considered Multimedia?
  • Lesson 2: Multimedia v. Flat Content: Similarities
  • Lesson 3: Multimedia Elements and Style
  • Lesson 4: Resources
0h 24m
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