The Budget Guide to Copyediting

The best in budget-friendly resources for good copyediting



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Welcome to The Budget Guide to Copyediting

So you're producing great content, but do you ensure it stays within brand standards, reads well and follows basic and not-so-basic rules of grammar?  If you're a small company or a one-person-show, you may not have access to a full-time copyeditor and it's pretty tough to edit your own work. That's why this course walks you through some free and low-cost tools that can give you professional-level copyediting results to ensure your content is high-quality. 

In under 20 minutes,  you will know about the pros, cons and main uses of a curated selection of copyediting tools utilized by career copyeditors for a comprehensive snapshot  of all the budget-friendly resources at your fingertips.  

Skills You Will Learn

The internet's greatest resources for free and low-cost copyediting

How and when to apply each tool

Create a copyediting "toolkit" for yourself or your organization to ensure copy is clean, accurate, and readable

Session 1

The Budget Friendly Guide to Copyediting

  • Lesson 1: Free and Low-Cost Tools To Know
0h 15m
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