Skills in 60: Multimedia Copyediting

Edit digital content and rich media



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Welcome to Skills in 60: Multimedia Copyediting

Content today is no longer static—it’s rich, quickly developed and constantly evolving. This course will fine tune your eye beyond flat content and enable you to edit many formats with speed and consistency.

In one hour, you will learn how to edit heavily designed infographics, videos with multiple voices, GIFs that use slang and jargon and posts on social platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Get tips to develop channel-specific style guides and brand rules for every platform. With the learnings from this course you will become a trusted resource for accuracy, consistency and readability of your brand’s content.

Course Note: As of February 28, 2019 this version of Multimedia Copyediting will no longer be supported. An updated version will be available for MB Unlimited members who can access it from the main course library.  Become an MB Unlimited member today and never miss another course. 

Skills You Will Learn

10 universal pro tips for multimedia copyediting

Create platform specific style guides

Forgo traditional grammar and mechanics for character limits and clickable headlines

Develop and implement style guide rules for various channels

Know when to follow and deviate from style guide rules

Edit captions and text for videos

Collaborate with graphic artists in your editing process

Session 1

Multimedia vs. Traditional Copyediting

  • How cross-platform editing can differ from editing print and “flat” media; the role of the copy editor in the digital age

Session 2

Style Manuals Within the Context of Multimedia

  • When to deviate from house style; creating style guides for different channels

Session 3

Edit Video Copy

  • Nuances and style choices to keep in mind when editing captions and text for videos, GIFs, etc.

Session 4

Edit Copy for Social Posts

  • Guidelines to consider when editing posts, infographics, and other copy that lives on social media
0h 53m
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