Grammar and Punctuation

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Welcome to Grammar & Punctuation

It’s easy to forget the basic rules of grammar and punctuation when you are firing off texts and tweets at rapid speed. That makes it all the more important to refresh and ingrain fundamental writing rules into your bones.

This course will enhance your knowledge of grammatical building blocks, help you navigate grammar and style rules, and teach you to apply these best practices to produce clear, concise and engaging content for editorial, business or any other written communication.

Skills You Will Learn

How to get your message across, the first time

Identify major parts of speech, including verbs, adjectives, nouns and more

Use past, present or future tense

Properly use punctuation, including commas, semicolons, colons, em and en dashes

Identify and utilize prepositions, conjunctions and interjections

Avoid homophone misuse and double negatives

Define exactly what style is and why it differs from style guide to style guide

Session 1

Grammar 101

  • Lesson 1: Allow Grammar to Reintroduce Itself
  • Lesson 2: Prepositions, Conjunctions and a Quick Interjection
  • Lesson 3: Double Negatives Don’t Make a Positive

Session 2

How Do You Write “Good?”

  • Lesson 1: It's Not Always Just They're, Their, or There
  • Lesson 2: Pronouns, Adverbs and How to Get Them Right
  • Lesson 3: The Proper Combination of Verbs, Adjectives and Nouns

Session 3

Stop, Drop, & Maybe Don't Put That Comma There

  • Lesson 1: Short, Sweet and Simple...Period.
  • Lesson 2: The Do's & Don'ts of Punctuation - Don't Overdo It
  • Lesson 3: Em dash, Hyphen, and those Weird Symbols on Your Keyboard

Session 4

Hit Me with Your Best Sentence

  • Lesson 1: Sentence Structure 101
  • Lesson 2: How to Get Your Message Across...The First Time
  • Lesson 3: Don't Get Tense - Unless it's Past, Present or Future
0h 59m
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