Zipcar Discount

Zipcar is the world's leading car sharing network with approximately 673,000 members and 8,900 vehicles in urban areas and college campuses throughout the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Zipcar offers more than 30 makes and models of self-service vehicles by the hour or day to residents and businesses looking for an alternative to the high costs and hassles of owning a car. Gas and insurance are included as part of the low hourly and daily rate.

AvantGuild members have an added bonus for joining. Normal fees for an individual to sign up for Zipcar total $85 ($60 of which is an annual, recurring fee). If you sign up through AvantGuild, the $25 application fee is waived and you receive a discounted annual fee of $25! In addition, enjoy discounted rates Mon-Fri (Depending on the car model, drive from $9.50/hour, $64 for a 7am to 7pm reservation and $74 for a full day (any 24-hour period) during the week.)!

Zipcars live all over New York, Boston, Chicago, London, San Francisco, Washington DC, Toronto, Vancouver, and London. To find cars near you, just click here!

Your Zipcar discounts

Annual/Application Fees
For AvantGuild members, no activation fee (a $25 value) and half off the $50 annual fee. That's $50 in savings in your first year! Plus, there's no deposit or monthly commitment.

Discounted Rates*
Depending on the car model, drive from $9.50/hour, $64/ for 7am to 7pm and $74/day (any 24-hour period) during the week. Rates start at $13.50 /hour and $107/day on weekends.

Gas, insurance and 180 FREE miles per day are included; additional miles from $0.45; varies by country.

* Business rates are good for Monday-Friday driving and for vehicles listed under the “Good” or “Better” class. Vehicles under the “Best” class and weekend driving would fall under the consumer driving rates.

AvantGuild members who are 21+ with a valid driver's license for at least one year are eligible as long as you meet these driving requirements.

We know you will enjoy your membership…and always remember, Zipcars live in your neighborhood.

How to receive your discount

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