Pilates Discounts (NYC)


AvantGuild members receive discounts on private pilates classes and sessions. (New York, NY)





Private Lessons in Pilates

Pilates is a gentle and effective method of stretching and strengthening exercises. Through flowing movements, core muscles are activated, increasing flexibility and mobility. It improves coordination,alignment, and posture. Pilates is a series of exercises that reduce stress, is excellent for back care and integrates mind/body with improved concentration.

Karen L. Arhur, LCSW, BCD is a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor and Licensed Psychotherapist. She is also a Certified Shiatsu Practitioner. Integrating Eastern and Western approaches to health, her lessons can be both meditative and vigorous, tailored to your individual needs.

Private lessons are $75 per hour. (reduced from $85)


How to receive your discount

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