LexisNexis F.A.Q.


What are the details of the offer?
In this exclusive deal, LexisNexis is offering access to its Nexis® news database to AvantGuild members only for $59 per month for a 1-year contract. This contract is non-cancelable for the first 12 months. The contract automatically renews each year on the contract date. Year 2 the cost per month goes up to $75 and remains at that rate until the subscriber cancels. You must provide 20-day advance notice of cancellation by contacting your client manager, Monica Downs (monica.downs@lexisnexis.com) via email with the reason for your cancel. This offer available for new subscribers only.

To which LexisNexis databases do I have access?
You have access to the full archive of Nexis news resources – thousands of national and international sources. To see how far back a source dates, simply click the "i" button next to the source.

I'd like to look up legal documents as well as news articles. Can I do that?
While you will not be able to access the legal database, you can get a large amount of information on important cases and legislation through newspaper, magazine and journal articles.

How will subscribing to LexisNexis help me in my career?
Information on any topic or subject on which you are writing can likely be found in the Nexis news database. Research historical or current trends, issues and events with a single search.

Can't I just find all this information for free on the Web?
No. Information on the Web can be incomplete, unreliable or hard to locate. Increasingly, more and more news providers are putting their content behind paywalls – causing you to have to subscribe to several individual news sources to get the comprehensive information you need. With LexisNexis, you have access to thousands of relevant, authoritative news sources that you can trust in one place, at one low rate.


How do I subscribe?
Once you have met all the qualifications (AvantGuild member with at least 11 months left on your subscription), you will be able to access an electronic contract. In most cases, you will receive your ID and password within three to five business days. Sign up now!

Do I have to join AvantGuild to be eligible for the LexisNexis special offer?
Yes. This special offer from LexisNexis is only available to AvantGuild members with at least one year left on their membership.

I'm an AvantGuild member, but my membership is set to expire within the next 11 months. Do I need to extend it in order to subscribe to LexisNexis?
Yes. Because LexisNexis subscriptions are for a minimum of one year, and because you also must be an AvantGuild member in order to subscribe, that means that if you have less than 11 months left on your AvantGuild membership, you could be restricted from accessing LexisNexis even if your subscription were fully paid. However, we're offering a special rate for AvantGuild members who need to extend their membership: just $34 for the second year. That's almost 40 percent off the regular price!

I know I have an AvantGuild membership, so why do I get a message telling me that I am not a member?
It's possible that you are logged in under a different e-mail address, or that your browser cache needs to be refreshed. The easiest way to check this is to log out and then log back in using the e-mail address you provided when you signed up with AvantGuild. If you do that and it doesn't fix the problem, or if you're not sure which address you used to sign up, please e-mail us.

Can I take advantage of this offer if I work for a company that subscribes to LexisNexis?
Unfortunately, this offer is only for new customers who are freelancers. If your employer is a LexisNexis customer, talk to your management about getting a corporate ID and password.

What is the minimum term of the subscription?
Subscriptions are for a minimum of one year.

I'd like to sign up on a month-to-month basis. Can I do that?
No. By signing a contract with LexisNexis, you agree to a term of at least one year (think of a cell-phone contract). For a full explanation, make sure to read the contract thoroughly before you subscribe.

How do I pay for my subscription?
You can either pre-pay with a credit card or elect to receive monthly electronic invoices. Your account representative can discuss with you the payment method that best fits your needs.


Is there training available so that I can learn how to get the most out of my subscription?
Yes. There are several short, interactive tutorials that will quickly get you up and running on LexisNexis and answer any questions you may have. You can also review this custom brochure that will take you through the search process step by step or our advanced search tips sheet that will provide you with quick tips to enhance your search.

If I have questions about my LexisNexis subscription, whom should I contact?
Please e-mail your LexisNexis account manager or call 1-800-543-6862 Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m CST. Please allow 24 hours for a response.

If I have questions about my AvantGuild membership, whom should I contact?
Please e-mail mediabistro.com or visit our support page at support.mediabistro.com.

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