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Wordsmith, interviewer, magazine pro, novelist: I've worked as a professional writer and editor in NYC, London, Washington, D.C., and LA, holding staff positions at Conde Nast (U.S. and U.K.), New York magazine, Disney Publishing, and The Magazine Group/WebMD. I've both launched new magazines and reimagined others as editor in chief; assigned feature stories, line edited copy, and written killer heds/deks; led large editorial staffs; even wrangled boldfaced names and produced cover shoots. Now freelancing, I often profile people of interest—Seth Rogen, Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon, Sheryl Crow—for national lifestyle pubs, plus post my musings on modern-day living on,,, and I've been published in USA Today, Financial Times, WebMD Magazine/, Washington Post, Washingtonian, Travel+Leisure, Men's Fitness, and Spotlight, plus special sections in The New Yorker, GQ, Vogue, Vanity Fair, & more. Twitter: @LPKwriter


22 Years
22 Years
Other, Specify
9 Years


18 Years
18 Years
Other, Specify
18 Years


Magazine - Local/Regional magazines
22 Years
Magazine - Large Consumer/National magazines
19 Years
Newspaper - Local/Regional
20 Years

Total Media Industry Experience

22 Years

Media Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Inspirato magazine (1-2), Men's Fitness (1-2), Washingtonian Magazine (3-5), Verizon Spotlight (3-5), (6-10), AOL's City Best (3-5), (1-2), Redbook Magazine (1-2), WebMD Magazine/ (10+), USA Today/Weekend (6-10), Travel + Leisure (6-10), Where Magazine (6-10), Conde Nast Publications (10+), Fairchild Fashion Media (10+), The Washington Post (10+), Time, Inc (10+), The Conversation (6-10), Hachette Filipachi (6-10), Hearst Publications (6-10)

Corporate Client List (# assignments last 2 yrs)

Microsoft (10+), The Smithsonian (6-10), The State Department (3-5), Bixler Internet Consulting (3-5), Financial Times (3-5), Tylenol (3-5)

Foreign Language Skills

French (5 years of study)

Computer Skills

In Design, In Copy, Word, Quark, QPS, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Publisher, Mac, Windows XP

Work Permits & Visas

permanent resident (Canadian) with green card


Kim Caviness, VP/Editorial Director, The Magazine Group, 202.721.1442


Worked featured in Advertising Age three times; Gold award, AIGA; Golden Triangle award, best print campaign



This Chile-born actress still loves to travel, but nothing beats the sights and sounds of Santiago.
With four kids vying for her attention in the background, CNN's Soledad O'Brien is the picture of poise during our interview, showing how easily she juggles a high-profile job with other, more demanding responsibilities.
How a stylishly rebellious young sister act from LA induced in me a wistful fashion nostalgia...
My interview with the two-time Oscar winner, who talks about how she stays so fit, her dreams of motherhood, and her new HBO film, Mary & Martha.
"Parenthood" star Lauren Graham goes off script with her first foray into fiction.
My q&a with funny man Seth Rogen, who inspires laughs and tears in his poignant new film, "50-50."
Tyler Perry, the man behind the Madea mask, tries on a new persona in gun-wielding CIA man, Alex Cross.
My quick Q&A with Disney princess turned chart-topper, Demi Lovato, who talks throat surgery, the Jonas Brothers, and her father's sudden passing earlier this year.
Taye Diggs chats about fatherhood and his new children's book, "Chocolate Me."
Meet the actor who plays a sleazy scandal-snuffer opposite Julia Louis-Dreyfus's second-in-command in HBO's new hit comedy, "VEEP."
A cover story chat with D.C. native Casey Wilson, star of ABC's "Happy Endings."
Claire Danes returns to the small screen fighting the war on terror in Showtime's stellar, suspenseful "Homeland."
My chat with "Magic Mike XXL" fitness fanatic, Joe Manganiello.
My interview with the British former TV presenter, magazine photographer, and current host of Lifetime's "The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet."
For the Financial Times, I wrote two versions of my interview with film director Ang Lee. The feature-length article was translated into Chinese, a first for me! (See Word file for English.) The shorter version appeared in the FT's fashion supplement, Watch This Space (pdf coming soon).
Don't diss helicopter parents. For what bygone "free" era, exactly, are we so nostalgic? My grandmother got up before dawn by the time she was 5 years old to deliver milk bottles to her neighbors to help earn her keep; I myself was a lonely latchkey kid left to her own devices.
My feature-length interview with film director Ang Lee in its original English.
Are you giving your kids too many presents during the holidays? What's healthy, and what's not? An expert weighs in.
When my 6-year-old daughter revealed she never uses the bathrooms anymore at school because she's too afraid to pee--the effect of frightening lockdown drills--I knew it was time to speak up against the NRA and its army of lobbyists.
Are you as good to yourself as you are to your closest pal? Try it sometime. You'll like it.
Actress Kerry Washington takes on real-life D.C. scandal fixer Judy Smith in the new series, "Scandal."
My cover story with Aaron Eckhart, star of the new action flick, "Olympus Has Fallen," which is being described by Hollywood types as "Die Hard at the White House."
Jerome Bettis may be "The Bus," but sometimes asthma tackles him. Here, he frankly discusses how he refuses to be sidelined by the condition.
Alicia Keys has changed the lives of 250,000 children affected by AIDS with her Keep a Child Alive organization. Here, my interview with the inspiring, 14-time Grammy Award-winning songstress.
My interview with the president and leader of the free world--on "Scandal," anyway--Mr. Tony Goldwyn.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) Three years after a broken engagement, a bout with breast cancer, and deciding to start a family on her own terms, Sheryl Crow sings about her newfound happiness and dedication to health--physical and emotional.
Is your child at risk for "cutting" or self-harm? I spoke with an expert about the troubling--and growing--disorder among teens.
Yoko Ono said it. So did a fresh-faced Obama back in 2008, and the editor of the New York Sun to a kid named Virginia. Do you say "yes"? My latest post for The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet.
Neil Patrick Harris talks with me about fatherhood, surrogacy and an "Angry Inch."
Meet this "House" doc who makes saving animals her pet cause.
For this cover story the star of "Magic Mike" and "Killer Joe" opens up to me about his fitness-focused foundation for inner-city kids (Just Keep Livin'), plus discusses the joys of fatherhood and family.
Julianne Hough reveals her favorite beauty products, work out classes, and healthy go-to snacks, and talks about her new film, "Safe Haven."
Katherine Heigl has a soft spot for her canine companions.
Lisa Ling on how motherhood changed her focus--and made her determine to raise a "little feminist."
A sample of a travel story.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) Writing sample of a celebrity cover feature with a health & fitness focus with tennis ace Serena Williams. Click on pdf at left to view magazine layout.
The star of NCIS: LA, who is a father of five, talks fatherhood, fitness, and balancing career with family.
An example of a feature for which I directed the casting, photo direction, writing and editing. (Web link does not depict photos; pdf of magazine feature does.)
The "F" word is powerful. I'm referring, of course, to "feminism."
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) An interview with breakout star Taraji P. Henson, who now calls Don Cheadle, Cate Blanchette, and Brad Pitt colleagues.
When the New York Times Book Review ran a male-dominated, certainly sexist "How-To" issue, editor Molly Templeton issued an online challenge to women writers to deliver less gender-driven material. Here's my post on how to love a dog without getting your heart crushed in the process.
I revamped a 17-year-old publication to better serve an upscale audience of frequent travelers. I led a new staff, added new departments, oversaw the redesign and gave Flyer a new, more modern focus. Covers travel, D.C. trends, dining, boldfaced names.
Working with a select team of five 8- and 9-year-old magazine staffers for an elementary school social studies unit, I mentored the development and publication of a city magazine project. Art director: JoDee Stringham.
A cover story on the globetrotting, do-gooding actress, Maggie Q., who is now appearing in several showcase roles opposite Ethan Hawke and Paul Bettany.
My quick chat with "Scream Queens" star Abigail Breslin, who is also releasing a new book to provide social media and dating advice for teens.
My quick chat with "Scream Queens" star Abigail Breslin, who is now also the author of a book providing social media and dating advice to her fellow teens.
A behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Starz/BBC sci-fi hit, Torchwood.
How the dog I once rescued saved me. A personal account of true love for Washingtonian Magazine.
Who were you when you were 11 years old? For Amanda de Cadenet's new "The Conversation" website, I suggest women reacquaint themselves with the pre-pubescent girls they once were.
Dishing with Britain's most famous food revolutionary, Jamie Oliver.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) An interview with Christina Hendricks, aka, Joan Holloway of the acclaimed AMC series, Mad Men.
Pregnancy and childbirth: the good, the bad and the ugly. My latest post for The Conversation With Amanda de Cadenet.
Former Extra! host, best-selling author and emerging web mogul Maria Menounos shares her healthy weight loss secrets.
Another sample of my regular back-page questionnaire. Interviews conducted with: Lewis Black, Kermit the Frog, Kitty Kelley, Wolf Blitzer, Martina Navratilova, Colin Quinn, "Project Runway"s Wendy Pepper, Henry Rollins, novelist Curtis Sittenfeld, chef Jose Andres, the "Reliable Source" scribes, and more.
Olympian Michelle Kwan has landed beautifully in D.C.--and she wants a job at State. (Did you hear that, Hillary Clinton?)
I was a founding editor on this consumer health magazine, which I launched/co-edited for its first three years. WebMD is the print sister of the famous website, with a distribution of 10M+. Celebrity covers, fitness, nutrition, sex, emotional health. I am now a regular contributing writer.
10 questions with Lucy Liu, star of the new CBS drama, "Elementary."
Julie Bowen of "Modern Family" fame plays a less-than-perfect mother on TV -- and in real life, too. And she's perfectly OK with that.
My latest post on women's bodily upkeep, the pressure to conform, and how we break it to our young daughter's that they, too, are in for such rituals.
Sample of the regular back-page questionnaire in WebMD with comedian ROSEANNE BARR. While on staff I was in charge of casting this page, and often conducted the interview myself. (Web link features Jerome Bettis interview; pdf is of Roseanne Barr.)
Easi Morales, star of indie gem "Gun Hill Road," on what it's like to play roles of both mentor and star in his poignant new film.
The first female Iron Chef talks cooking, her new restaurant, and her latest cookbook.
She may be a badass in reel life, but in real life she's as bracing as a warm bath. Meet Lucy Liu: actress, artist, and humanitarian.
For my second cover story with Queen Latifah (the first was for USA Weekend), I ask this Hollywood royal about her most challenging role yet: caring for her mother, who is stricken with scleroderma.
For singer-actress-poet Jill Scott, creativity is at her core.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) British superstar Jamie Oliver, aka The Naked Chef, dishes with me about revolutionizing the way kids eat.
Sober for 20 years now, Rob Lowe is still chasing huge highs: the awesome wave, the virgin mountain powder, and the title of serious media mogul.
Anchorman 2 star Christina Applegate grew up in the spotlight -- and still managed to develop a healthy body image and sense of self-esteem. Now, she's sharing her hard-won wisdom with her preschool daughter.
Kermit the Frog ribbits with Lauren Paige Kennedy about the wetlands, D.C., housing prices, and a certain blonde pig.
Fat-shaming your growing girl can lead to a lifetime of obesity.
Funnyman Seth Meyers talks with me about surviving SNL on no sleep, married life, his love of running, and why doing Late Night is like training for a marathon.
Musings on why women can look to Joan Rivers for inspiration, even if they didn't always love her mean-girl humor.
"Twilight" heartthrob Kellan Lutz trades in his fangs for Greek mythology, playing Poseidon in "Immortals."
Marcia Cross, the flame-haired actress of "Desperate Housewives" fame, discusses her latest role: health advocate in the war against cancer, a disease her husband of three years is currently fighting. Click on pdf for magazine layout; URL for web version/link.
Danica McKellar, aka Winnie Cooper from "The Wonder Years" is a best-selling author of math books for girls. Now she's adding to her own family.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) Not only is newly minted Late Night host Jimmy Fallon number-one in his time slot, the comedian has cleaned up his health act, too, trading hangovers for vegetable juice and blind sight gags for LASIK.
How do women really feel when the male gaze moves on? My latest post for purple
Actress Ashely Judd finds a fiery voice in a moving new book and her continued work in Washington championing the plight of women and children worldwide.
Lauren Graham, the star of NBC's critically beloved series "Parenthood," nails playing the Single Mother once again--even though she grew up without a mother in her home.
Attention, anti-vaxxers! Your kids may one day take issue with your jeopardizing their health. My take on the immunizations debate.
Former first daughter Jenna Bush Hager travels to Tuscany in style with her husband and closest pals for a delicious Italian escape.
The late night talk show host opens up about why honesty is always the best policy, even when it comes to your most humiliating moments.
A reflection on the most complicated relationship of all, the one between mothers and daughters, for The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) How does Kelly Ripa juggle motherhood, marriage, and Regis, too? A frank and funny interview.
Actor Liev Schrieber talks tough about the cost of war, his rep as an "intellectual," and his new film, DEFIANCE.
A frank discussion about love, intimacy and relationships with the man who symbolizes sex in the "Sex and the City" series and blockbuster films, actor Jason Lewis.
Don't kid yourself: despite having so many star siblings, Marlon Wayans is his own funny man.
For this cover story Queen Latifah chats with me about accepting yourself exactly as you are, how she stays healthy and fit, and why Dolly Parton inspired her to do her new film, "Joyful Noise."
A Q&A with actor Stanley Tucci about his role in "The Lovely Bones," being a father in real-life, and his wife's tragic passing earlier this year from breast cancer. Pdf is edited version for the magazine; URL is the longer, uncut version for the web.
Harrison Ford plays against good-guy type in his latest comedy, Morning Glory.
The star of "What to Expect When You're Expecting" chats with me about the pressures of fame and finding emotional balance again.
What happens when a member of Generation X grows up and becomes a parent? Ty Burrell of "Modern Family" fame knows the answer isn't "Father Knows Best."
The woman who will forever be Princess Leia opens up about her latest misadventure, turning her best-selling memoir "Wishful Drinking" into an HBO special.
"Jackass 3-D"'s Steve-O dishes on why LA is the only place to live if you're an extreme stuntman, skateboarder and occasional dancing fool.
Actor Chris O'Donnell has already done the superhero thing. Now he's a fitness buff, doting dad, beer drinker, and star of a new hit crime drama on CBS.
The provocative biographer Kitty Kelly has her own life examined--and bares her nails as she talks Washington, coke at Camp David and nail salons.
The tennis legend talks about what drives him to net tens of millions of dollars to fund his foundation for children.
Our kids are glued to their digital devices. Should parents encourage or discourage technology for teens? What about cyber safety?
Harrison Ford talks about his latest role in "Extraordinary Measures," and explains why he'd rather take action--personally and professionally--than be coined an action hero.
Writer and literary giant Joan Didion talks grief, magical thinking, and suffering the loss of both her daughter and husband.
Author Curtis Sittenfeld educates me about high school, summer reading and D.C.'s preppiest watering hole, Smith Point.
The rock icon and newly married, new mother of a baby son discusses how pregnancy forced her to change her tune when it comes to health, creativity and well-being.
What do you do if you can't stand your kid's BFF? I interview an expert who tells parents what to do.
A chat with Dana Delany, Wisteria Lane's wackiest new resident, as she takes on her toughest role yet: co-president of The Creative Coalition in Washington, D.C.
An essay on our Frankenstein-ian times. When it comes to needles, scalpels, silicone, and, yes, tourniquets, this writer say it's time to stop the madness.
Do you enjoy being a "girl"? How about being called one? The restarting of a dialogue that many thought finished decades ago...
Comedian Chris Rock talks growing up, bullying, helicopter parents, and how he'll handle the young men who want to date either of his two preteen daughters.
An inspection of the District's newest luxury hotel.
Kid-friendly destinations in the nation's capital.
Author of a Frommer's "Day to Day" D.C. guide (released Nov. 2006), part of an innovative travel series that creates real-time intineraries to be used for inspiration or followed exactly. Covers monuments, memorials and museums, but also tours new shops/lounges/restaurants in emerging 'hoods.
Actress Bryce Dallas Howard is celebrating two big films opening later this summer, plus Baby Number Two on the way.
A closer look at Washington, D.C.'s hottest emerging neighborhood, Fourteenth Street.
An interview with the nation's first female African-American billionaire -- and no, it's not Oprah Winfrey.
(Click pdf for magazine layout; link for web verion.) Funny lady Julia Louis-Dreyfus is nothing short of serious when it comes to raising two strong boys, putting her family first, and cleaning up the planet.
Cover story about a lost dog that managed to stir up Georgetown -- and a pet detective, an animal psychic, a Clinton Cabinet member, and the late Katharine Graham.
Clothes encounters of the wrong kind: little girls dressed like trollops, with Mom serving as stylist.
The truth about epidurals and drinking castor oil to induce labor. A delivery nurse speaks.
The man who plays the president on "The Event" leads off-screen, too, championing the efforts to end the AIDS epidemic forever.
My chat with vampire Stephen Moyer of True Blood fame...


This editorial supplement was mailed to subscribers of Vogue, W, GQ, Vanity Fair, and House and Garden. It covered the best Italian design (interiors), fashion, and food found in top American cities. COVER IMAGE TK.
This travel-and-shopping supplement featured the coolest emerging neighborhoods, the best new hotels, the hippest boutiques, and the hottest restaurants in seven world cities: London, New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Chicago, and L.A. It was mailed to the subscribers of 12 Conde Nast magazines.
The Table of Contents of a custom magazine that I developed for Hearst Publications which targeted female "caregivers."


A series of six advertising inserts for the new Tablet PC that featured innovators in film, politics, publishing, architecture, and software design.
A series of fashion-focused advertisements to build upon the current "Stop. Think. Tylenol." ad campaign. STILL PROPRIETARY BUT COMING SOON.
One of three editorially driven special ad inserts celebrating innovators who have changed the world through their passions. Shown is the insert with Japanese Pop phenom Taskashi Murakami; I also interviewed organic foods revolutionary Alice Waters and maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.


Alanis Morissette, Ang Lee, Julie Bowen, Carrie Fisher, Ashley Judd, Harrison Ford, Rob Lowe, Jimmy Fallon, Sheryl Crow, Jamie Oliver, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Marcia Cross, Kelly Ripa, Liev Schreiber, Serena Williams, Katie Couric, Christina Hendricks, Roseanne Barr, Henry Rollins, Kermit the Frog ...
Steve-O, Blair Underwood, Lauren Graham, Joan Didion, Jason Lewis, Lucy Liu, Lawrence Fishburne, Chris O'Donnell, Maggie Q., Lewis Black, Stephen Moyer, Lorraine Bracco, Peggy Fleming, Gary Cole, Olivia Newton-John, Martina Navratilova, Toni Collette, Frank McCourt, Amy Brenneman, Takashi Murakami...
Chris Rock, Demi Lovato, Hilary Swank, Jill Scott, Kerry Washington, Seth Rogen, Matthew McConaughey, Neil Patrick Harris, Christina Applegate, Anna Kendrick, Elisabeth Moss, Andre Agassi, Queen Latifah, Dolly Parton, Alicia Keys, Claire Danes, Jenna Bush, Tyler Perry, Kellan Lutz, Ty Burrell...
A CV of my work history.