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Party Photos: Cocktails in Denver

At Denver Press Club, December 10, 2003

Posted December 22, 2003

The Denver Press Club played host to a great crowd of media pros when mb came to town this month. Free food, drink specials, and chatty folks made for a memorable evening.

Photographs by Rob Stuehrk.

Click on a photo for a larger view.

Canyon Courier reporter Jonathan Ellis, Denver Press Club president and Rocky Mountain News reporter John Ensslin, and former Rocky Mountain News reporter Rich Maes.

Real estate broker Barbara Head, vice president of the Denver Press Club and attorney for the Colorado Press Association Philipp Theune, Steve Baker, and EPA employee Cornelia Maes.

Boulder Weekly freelance writer John Peabody, freelance writer Jared Maher, and Westword writer David Holthouse.

October Strategies' Lela Cocoros, Transmit's editor Bob Diddlebock, and October Strategies' LaRae Marsik.

Freelance correspondent Claudia Cragg, Mary Brenneman, Reed Electronics Group's technical and editorial director Ernest J. Worthman, and Julie M. Lucas.

Qube Visual CEO Joshua Hanfling, attorney Willie Shepherd, Westword editor Patti Calhoun, and attorney Lee Reichart.

Freelance writers John Peabody and Jared Maher, Aurora Sentinel reporter Jim Kehl, and freelance sports writer Kathleen Flynn.

The Press Club was filled with holiday cheer.

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