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Party Photos: Cocktails in Boston

At Felt, February 22, 2005

Posted March 11, 2005

Freelancers, food writers, and more braved the bitter cold last month to meet up at this hot billiards bar near Boston Common.

Photographs by Joseph Silva.

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Enid Chesterfield & Co.'s Debbie Hsu with IDG News Service's Johan Bostrom and Elizabeth Heichler.

Freelancer Stacey Chase and Wilderness House's Steve Glines.

Freelancers Karen Aho and Alison Gregor.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette's David Pepin, WHDH TV's Mary Nguyen, Angel Devil Productions' Gabrielle Savage Dockterman, Chiochios Studios' Mary Chiochios, and Entertainment Lawyer Sandy Missakian.

Constant Image's Marley Gibson, food writer Pam Claughton, and freelance reporter Gabrielle Gurley.

Worcester Telegram & Gazette's Jason Feifer with Education Developement Center's Eric Marshall.

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