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Book Keeping: Expanded Worldview Deepens Writing Book Keeping: Expanded Worldview Deepens Writing
This novelist informs her writing with travel experiences and uses her magazine and PR background to creatively market her books.
By Andrea K. Hammer, December 14, 2009


Book Keeping: Speed-Writing For Success
To kick off National Novel Writing Month, an enterprising YA author reveals how her participation in the 30-day writing frenzy landed her a 12-book deal.
By Rachel Kaufman, November 2, 2009
Book Keeping: Even Celebrity Authors Have to Hustle
Sex and the City and Californication star Evan Handler has a second memoir out -- and he wants to make sure you hear about it.
By Melissa Walker, May 27, 2008
Book Keeping: Reap the Rewards of Creative Marketing
This mindful author shows how giving back to her readers does her some good, too.
By Melissa Walker, May 13, 2008
Book Keeping: Journo 'Light Years More Proud' of New Book
An award-winning sportswriter and essayist on transforming long-form articles into books.
By Noah Davis, October 15, 2007
Book Keeping: Journo/Author Transforms Tragedy Into Novel
A six-time novelist reveals how reviews really make her feel, and how personal catastrophe fueled her latest book.
By Tracy Bratten, October 10, 2007
Book Keeping: Veteran Memoirist Sells Her 'Best Work Yet'
A mentor to many students reflects upon the trouble she had getting a book about her writing guides published.
By Jaime Jordan, October 1, 2007
Book Keeping: New Novelist Sells Film Rights First
A new author who endured rejection and an agent switch describes how selling film rights to her novel led to multiple book deals.
By Peggy Bourjaily, September 19, 2007
Book Keeping: Fashion Focus Fuels Three-Book Deal
After honing her YA knowledge editing teen mags, this writer scored a three-book deal starring a teen-turned-supermodel.
By Rebecca L. Fox, September 5, 2007
Book Keeping: 'The Hardest Part Of Writing Is Writing'
Inspired by a rap lyric, this first-time novelist sold his debut novel to Simon & Schuster and is fielding film interest.
By Rebecca L. Fox, August 29, 2007
Book Keeping: From Editor To Novelist
This mag editor-in-chief transformed her industry experiences at now-defunct Rosie into an insider novel.
By Emily Million, August 15, 2007
Book Keeping: 'Astounded, Flattered, And Overwhelmed' By Offers
After her agent refuses to rep her second manuscript, this writer finds another one and receives a six-figure bonus.
By Peggy Bourjaily, August 1, 2007
Book Keeping: TV Insider Produces Industry Thriller
A TV producer discusses channeling her day job as a producer at CBS into her first novel and tackling her own PR.
By John MacDonald, July 11, 2007
Book Keeping: The 'Wonderful High' Of A Bidding War
Women's mag vet warms to fiction writing and the thrill of a bidding war.
By Peggy Bourjaily, June 6, 2007
Book Keeping: Freelancer Pens Cubicle-Busting Biz Book
'Hard-pressed to find a business book' that suited her needs, this freelancer picked her dream publisher and penned her own.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, May 23, 2007
Book Keeping: Press Leads Would-Be Author to Agent, Deal
Steeped in the 'brave new teen milieu' online, this author parlayed her popular Web site into a five-figure deal.
By Rebecca L. Fox, May 9, 2007
Book Keeping: Researching Black Gold Helps Author Strike Publishing Gold
An author travels to Africa, spends six months researching, then, lives on $1.85 a day until his book puts him on C-SPAN
By Noah Davis, April 11, 2007
Book Keeping: Authors Uncover Sassy's Rise and Fall
INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: To chronicle teen mag Sassy, these journos-turned-authors worked all their angles to tell the story behind the seminal teen title.
EXCERPT: How Sassy Changed My Life
By Rebecca L. Fox, March 28, 2007
Book Keeping: Journo's Column Begets Book Deal, Sitcom
A former print journalist describes the agent search, book deal and plate-spinning that let her keep her day job while crafting her memoir.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, March 7, 2007
Book Keeping: From ReganBooks to Big-Time Deal
A first novel thought to be modeled on her former boss Judith Regan ushered this writer into the limelight. From intensive revision to promotional tours, she describes how it happened.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, February 21, 2007
Book Keeping: 'Competitive Offer in the Low Six Figures'
A six-figure contract for his memoir on becoming a hipster dad helped this journalist-turned-author support his family.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, January 30, 2007
Book Keeping: 'Proposal Picked Up In The First Week'
An NYT piece paved this author's way to a six-figure advance: After landing a key article, an agent helped him shape a book proposal from the piece.
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, December 12, 2006
Book Keeping: Six-Figure Advance for 'Living the Story'
Invested in his ideas, this journo-turned-author spent savings to cover a high school debate team for articles that turned into his first book.
Excerpt: Cross-X: A Turbulent, Triumphant Season With an Inner-City Debate Squad
By Rachel Kramer Bussel, November 13, 2006
Book Keeping: Novel Drives Demand for Author
Assistant-turned-author Kalisha Buckhahon got a crash course in handling hype, after her first novel, Upstate -- part of a coveted two-book deal -- earned major accolades.
By Carmen Scheidel, October 10, 2006
Book Keeping: Landing a Big Deal
Literary magazines helped author Shari Goldhagen sell her first book, a novel, for nearly six figures. Here's how.
By Carmen Scheidel, September 5, 2006
Book Keeping: Tom Zoellner
To research and promote his first book, The Heartless Stone, which probes the ultra-secretive diamond industry, former newspaperman Tom Zoellner racked up credit card debt and invested tons of time and energy. Was it worth it?
Excerpt: The Heartless Stone
By Carmen Scheidel, July 25, 2006