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Vice President of Sales
Haymarket Media, Inc. in New York, NY

Creative Technologist
New York Times in New York, NY

Digital Marketing Manager
KTRK-TV ABC13 in Houston, TX

Senior Editor -
Boston Globe Media in Boston, MA

Digital Media Planner
iCrossing, Inc. in San Francisco, CA

Market Reporter
American Metal Market in New York, NY

Associate Marketing Director
Moffly Media in Westport, CT

Senior Data Scientist
Magnani Caruso Dutton in Chicago, IL

Editorial Director
HarperCollins Publishers in New York, NY


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Party Photos: D.C. All-Media

Friday, Oct 07

Seeking relief from the searing summer heat, D.C. media types gathered under the neon lighting at Eyebar on August 25 for a few cool drinks. As the party progressed, former Hanley Wood coworkers reunited and a freelancer found a fellow writer willing to provide quotes for her article about why men date bitchy women (answer pending, perhaps indefinitely). Thanks to the guys from the L.A. Times for sticking out the party until the very end. We hope you got clearance to comp that bar tab.

At Eyebar, August 25, 2005

Photos by Chris Anderson

mb hostess Lisa Gschwandtner, Wilson Quarterly literary editor Stephen Bates, and writer/lecturer William U'Ren

Freelance writer Dana Rosenblatt with EyeWorld magazine staff writer Matt Young

Back row: Dana Rosenblatt, Matt Young, Kennedy Center asst. manager publications-advertising Jeremy Birch, and C.O.U.M.B.A. Foundation Inc. founder/president Coumba Makalou
Front row: Community Associations Institute asst. art director Randi Tetenbaum, Lisa Gschwandtner, and The Definition Group's O. Abiola Akintola

HanleyWood senior editor Nina Patel, and freelancers Inez Saki-Tay and Moria Byrne

C-SPAN's Washington Journal host Robb Harleston and EFX Media after-effects compositor Matthew Brown

Lisa Gschwandter learns beltway business from Matthew Brown and Robb Harleston

London Sunday Telegraph Washington bureau chief Philip Sherwell, Los Angeles Times Pentagon correspondent John Hendren, and BVG Consulting president Barbara Van Gorder

American Hospital Association graphic designer Brian Simmons and Print Solutions magazine assistant editor Matthew Brown

Matt Brown, Montgomery Community Televisions's Kenneth Levy, JM Media acquisitions/creative director Bethany Gonzales, O. Abiola Akintola, Inez Saki-Tay, and Robb Harleston

Kenneth Levy, Lisa Gschwandter, and Montgomery County Sentinel sports reporter Brandy Simms

Washington Monthly contributing editor Art Levine and freelancer Annette Kronblum

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