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Party Photos: Latino Media in New York

Friday, Jun 02

mediabistro's jam-packed Latino Media party in New York ensured that
more than 100 guests got a jump on Cinco de Mayo at the May 3 fiesta. Venue Camino Sur graciously provided a complimentary open bar and appetizers to the throngs that stuck with hosts Lisa Loverro of Latina and Alison Mitchell of mediabistro long after the open bar concluded. In response to numerous requests, mb has already said "sí" to another three such events in New York, L.A. and Miami this September. Stay tuned...

At Camino Sur, May 3, 2006

Photos by Eric Green

Latina staff writer and editor Angelique Serrano, Latina managing editor and hostess Lisa Loverro and Latina's Damarys Ocana

HealthFirst senior marketing manager Victor Pupo, Vista Media Group marketing coordinator Gilbert Olivarez and Healthfirst's Emmanuel Barrietios

Greater Than One strategists Eileen Callen and Catalana lellos and Siverstein art director Alice Anda

LatCom Communications managing editor Valentina Espana, LatCom Communications sales manager Sandra Orengo, LatCom Communications account executive Dianna Romaguerra, LatCom Communications events coordinator Paula Romero, LT Communcations president Olga Luz Tirado and LatCom Communications creative director Rich Zuluaga

The Aldan Troy Group executive recruiter Katherine Fernandez, Maxmedia Worldwide president Max Ramirez, Lisa Loverro and NY1 News human resources director Hector Reyes

NY060503_latinomediainnewyork_14.jpg editor Mariel Cruz, Lisa Loverro, Latina Media Adventures editorial assistant Nurial Net, Latina creative director Robert George and Latina articles editor Patty Lamberti

Mariel Cruz, CNN en Español correspondent Mariland Peguero, CNN en Español correspondent Maria Ines Ferre and Lisa Loverro

Patty Lamberti, Nuria Net, Lisa Loverro and Robert George

Crowd shot

Olga Luz Tirado, NBC Universal senior research analyst Betty Diaz and FOX office manager Erika Vasconcellos

Celp Design graphic designer Cristina Lagorio, McGraw-Hill Company senior project editor Lisa Sullivan and Paula Romero

Univision public relations manager Rosemary Mercedes and Vidal Partnership's Brenda Mendoza

Max Ramirez, Paula Romero, Sandra Orengo, LatCom Communications editor-in-chief Jennifer Rodriguez and LatCom Communications assistant editor Beth Goodbaum

Crowd shot

Community Based Media Vee Bravo, Mariel Cruz and photographer Ayanna Vellissia Jackson

Push Creative's Patricia Benake, Nuria Net and Mosaico Media managing partner Andrew Herrera

Un Chin beauty editor Andrea Toochin, Hachette Filipacchi Media associate art director Elvis Cruz, Brenda Mendoza and Rosemary Mercedes

Studio Iodyne president Ben Fine, journalist Michael Yee and mb's Tara Maldonado

Heights Entertainment marketing director Ginette Sano, Ben Fine and Heights Entertainment manager Esmerelda Javier

Esmerelda Javier and Ginette Sano

Crowd shot

Patty Lamberti and Lisa Loverro

LatinVision Media ceo Carlos Vassallo, Rayo/Harper Collins editorial assistant Melinda Moore, Max Ramirez and Harper Collins assistant editor Jeanette Perez

Valentina Espana, writer Lixandra Urresta and Jennifer Rodriguez

HFMUS accounting officer David Machado and HFMUS account manager Joseph Fiorini

Michael Yee, Andrea Toochin and M Campiz Art Direction & Design principal Miriam Campiz

Hector Reyes, Time Warner finance manager Maria Hancock and HITN-TV public relations and journalist Mariela Murdocco

Univision sales supervisor Rebecca Aguirre, Tempo-New York Post account executive Carolina Palomino and ESPN Deportes sales and marketing manager Mitchell Lemos

Latina Magazine

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