JUMP Webinar: Getting Social to Drive In-Store Sales

Feb 21, 2013, 12:00PM to 1:00PM

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New York, NY
Details It's easy to show performance results that indicate a "successful" social promotion, but even in a world where ROI is a leading success factor, there's still a glaring hole in many marketing reports: the precise data that shows exactly how social promotions drive in-store revenue.

In the latest of our JUMP Webinar series, join RevTrax CEO Jonathan Treiber will talk to marketers faced with savvy, social consumers on one hand and a bottom-line-driven executive team on the other. He'll share insights and applications of revenue attribution for promotions executed across social media sites -- because social promotions are more valuable than increasing Likes; they can capture customer insights, increase customer acquisition, drive sales and reward loyalty.

Join Jonathan to learn how advanced social analytics and customer insights can help you improve CRM and understand how social promotions drive in-store sales.

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