User Experience Design Immersive

Jun 3, 2013 to Jul 26, 2013

Location 10 E 21st Street
New York, NY
Cost Free
Details Summary

Eight weeks. All day. Every day. Learn the skills of a UX designer, and put them to work while building a comprehensive portfolio.


Apply best practices in UX to critically analyze and create effective designs

Create a portfolio of UX solutions, including full documentation deliverables, for a variety of users, business goals, and UX challenges

Prepare for an internship or entry-level job as a junior user experience designer

In 8 weeks you will cover:
- User Psychology and Design
- The UX Process
- User Research and Personas
- Information Architecture and Content Strategy
- Interaction Design
- Technology for UX Designers
- Communicating and Defending Design Decisions

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Venue General Assembly West

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