MedTech Innovate Seminars

Jun 17, 2013, 10:30AM to 5:00PM

Location 1101 Arch Street
Philadelphia, 19107, PA
Cost free
Details Summary:
Interactive learning forums are led by the most innovative thought-leaders relevant to those in the medical device industry.

Each in a bite-size 2-hour format, the seminars enable your discovery of the latest developments and innovations in medtech.

Seminar 1: Design of Implantable Devices

Seminar 2: Bioresorbable Materials

Seminar 3: Innovation in Orthopedic Devices

Seminar 4: Wireless Medical Devices and Mobile Health

Seminar 5: Developing Medical Mobile Apps

Seminar 6: Innovation in Medical Electronics

Seminar 7: Innovation in Cardiovascular Devices

Seminar 8: Robotics and Artificial Intelligence in Medical Devices


Keywords: micro-analysis, anti-infective, manufacturers, chemical, properties, orthopedic, robotics, bioresorbable, tech, bio, materials, health, healthcare, cardiovascular, cardio, meddevice, medevice, remarks, device, applications, devices, medical, wireless, delivery, engineer, product, technology, medtech, biomaterials, future, innovation, market, mobile

Artists / Speakers: Miguel Canales, Julia Winn, Yulun Wang, Devin M. Nelson, Jeff Ross, Atul Gupta, Kenichi Takahata, Steven F. LeBoeuf, Kevin Dowling, Nikhil J. George, Scott Jenkins, Siva Raj, Erin Sparnon, Ken Fuchs, Philip Raymond, Noreen Hickok, John Donohue, Ryan Powell, Arthur Foster, Robert Greenberg.
Venue Pennsylvania Convention Center

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