University Planning and Design Forum 2013

Jun 6, 2013 to Jun 7, 2013

Location 328 Flinders Street, 3000
Melbourne, Australia
Cost $220.00
Details Summary:
The 6th University Planning and Planning Summit is the leading event dedicated to the growth and development of modern, cutting edge planning and design across the Australian tertiary landscape.

This year, the University Planning and Design Summit will address the most current issues facing the development of universities and TAFE institutes across Australia. With government funding tightened and the overall pressure of limited resources of funding, educational institutes face the challenge of finding new ways of attracting funding and designing facilities. Universities are thus forced to find creative means of redeveloping or designing new facilities through seeking funding by collaborative projects with other institutes or external partners to reusing current occupancy spaces and refurbishment. Further issues such as social media, online learning courses, developments in technology demand universities to question the change of pedagogy and the role facilities have in enhancing student engagement and use of spaces. This summit will provide a platform to discuss the above issues as well as showcase current examples of the various projects underway with experts from the education, architecture, engineering and government sectors.

Below are views on the future of universities by key speakers:
"The dominant university model in Australia – a broad-based teaching and research institution, supported by a large asset base and a large, predominantly in-house back office – will prove unviable in all but a few cases over the next 10-15 years. At a minimum, incumbent universities will need to significantly streamline their operations and asset base, at the same time as incorporating new teaching and learning delivery mechanisms, a diffusion of channels to market, and stakeholder expectations for increased impact. At its extreme, private universities and possibly some incumbent public universities will create new products and markets that merge parts of the education sector with other sectors, such as media, technology, innovation, and venture capital. Exciting times are ahead – and challenges too." Justin Boker, Director, Commercial Development, Monash University


Price: 2 Day Conference: $220.00 AUD, Speaker Presentation Downloads: $764.50 AUD

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Venue Rendezvous Hotel Melbourne

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