"Jennu Brigannu" (Once Upon a Time there were Brigands)

Jun 16, 2013 6:00PM

Location 184 East 76th Street
Details “Jenny Briganny” is part of the In Scena! Italian Theater Festival NY.

Synopsis - The stories of brigands during the unification of Italy as told by three actors in a stage that is set with three chairs only. An impressive adventure in storytelling by a theater company, the Teatro della Ginestra, which has worked since 1995 to find new form of theater communication. The group focuses on the use of the Calabrian dialect as a language for a new form of theater, linked to the past yet experimenting into the future. Performed in Calabrian Dialect with Supertitles.

Vincenza Costantino has curated publications such as “Teatro in Calabria 1870-1970” and “Tra dramma e vita, il teatro di Antonio Spadofora.” She has also written plays such as "Sulle acque sui rovi, storia di San Francesco di Paola" (published by Le Nuvole in 2007) and "L'emigrazione è puttana." She has taught several courses in Media and Communication at the University of Calabria.

Teatro della Ginestra – Founded in Cosenza, Calabria, in 1995 by actor/director Dante de Rose and dancer/choreographer Antonella Ciappetta, Teatro della Ginestra is one of the most innovative and important theater producers in the South of Italy. They also organize “Indipendentemente Teatro”, a festival dedicated to the young production companies in the South of Italy, and “Esplorazioni,” a series of professional workshops for actors and dancers.
Venue Di Capo Opera Theatre
Website www.inscenany.com

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